3 Types of Clothing Labels

Posted on: Nov 17, 2015

So you are into cloth manufacturing industry… Are you planning to label your clothes? Of course you do! Customers want to know everything about your dress material along with price of the product. But before you sit down and discuss about the information that should be passed on to the buyers, it is pertinent to know about the different types of clothing labels available in the market and what suits your product. Each label has its own feature related to specific applications. Here are list of clothing labels that are customized by the companies for their specific use.

Woven custom clothing labels

This type of customized clothing labels are made from weaving loom. They are brought in one big sheet of thread, which are transferred to cut and fold machine. It usually takes a day or two to weave the labels but most time-consuming task is the cut and fold process. Woven labels are sewn into the neck seam or at the side or bottom of a garment or even applied to woven hang tags. This type of custom clothing labels provides luxurious impression to garments.

Damask custom clothing labels

Damask custom labeling is pretty popular because of its soft, subtle texture. These labels are weaved very tightly. If you are a supplier of high-end garments then this is the type of labeling you should opt for. The refined trim finish takes time to get weaved than other labels; but you can be assured of high-end impression. If you are searching for a label where you can add intricate logo or artwork, damask will be the right choice. You can get great clarity, detail and color separation because of slower loom speed.

Printed custom clothing labels

If you do not want the woven tags, there is an option for customized printed ones as well. Just as it sound, these labels are printed with the required information using ink and plates. The colors can be matched according to the specific pantones. If you do not want plates, there are thermal printed labels as well; but the quality is not that appreciable and more like to fade over time. These tags are usually attached inside neck or lower side seam of garments, carrying information like care content and size. These labels are produced quickly however, if you are using plates, it can take 2 or 3 days more to deliver the finished product. Printed labels are soft because satin and cotton materials are used.
Now you have a clear idea about these 3 types of labels. So, what’s your choice of clothing tag?