Customize your clothing products with Tags

Customizing Your Items

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Having full control over your clothing project is something that many business owners want. Being able to make informed decisions about every aspect of the production process is the best way to have a successful product. Making these decisions means knowing and understanding all of the options available to you and choosing what is best for the items you’re creating and also the consumer.

Customization can come in many forms. You should be in full control of the look, design, size, production method and any written materials that go along with the product. A big part of this is the tags or labels that come with an item. Using custom clothing tags allows you to continue making the best decision for your consumer.

Clothing label options

To make the most informed decision when choosing the type and style of label for your clothing pieces, it is best to know the options available to you. Depending on the type of clothing item or even the material it is made out of, there may be a clear label winner from the very start. Clothing tags come in many different shapes, colors and sizes, and they are attached to different garments in various ways.

Choosing between woven or printed clothing tags is a good place to start. The look of these two styles is slightly different, as is the feel of the labels. Often, this decision is based on the type of clothing item to which the tag will be attached. The colors available for each option may also differ, as will the detailing available for any intricate brand logos or other finishing touches.

Attaching your brand

Have you ever had an uncomfortable label on an item of clothing? You know the kind–itchy, coming apart at one seam and might create an unsightly hole if it were to rip any further. You likely want to avoid these problems at all costs. Knowing the best placement for your custom clothing tags as well as the best attachment method will allow your product to shine in the way it was meant to.

There are various cuts and folds that you can choose between for the attachment of the label. Which type works best for depends on the article of clothing and the information you hope to put on the tag. This is another place customization comes into play, as you can choose what information is placed on each tag.

Some common pieces of label information include sizing, material, care instructions and branding information. You can be as creative as you want with this, adding colorful logos and other important information as you see fit.

You may want to add a few different tags in various spots on the article or you may only need a simple label for the product. Whatever the case is, customizing your clothing tags is a worthwhile endeavor.

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