All pricing is custom to your requirement. Labels are calculated based on size dimensions, number of colors and type of process needed.

For example, a typical label is under 2”, labels that are over 3” usually will Require more materials and will incur some waste based on the type of cut.

Woven labels are much more durable and have a lower more economic minimum. However, the initial time between producing 100pcs. or 1,000pcs. is about the same, so the piece cost on smaller quantities would seem higher because of the labor/production time is the same.

Heat Seal(iron on) or Adhesive backing can be applied to a Straight Cut(no folds) label for an additional fee if needed. Heat Seal will stay on most items for a long period of time, but adhesive will come off if washed or submersed in water. Adhesive is better for stand alone items, such as machinery, furniture, rugs, etc.

Printed labels have a higher min at 1,000pcs. because the rolls we use are high quality and produce that many and they are not re-usable.

Our generic pricing below will give you an idea of general pricing. Please note we eliminate the gimmicks for tacking on additional fees. Our pricing quoted includes all fees, including set-up, proofing, production and shipping fees. Pricing is based on a 2 color woven label with a Straight Cut, Cut/End Folded or a Centerfolded Label.

Size is determined by averaging the width and height. W + H / 2. For example, if your label is 1 x 2 inches, the the overall size to use when determining pricing would be 1.5 inches.

1 inch$1.25$0.60$0.45$0.26$0.15$0.11$0.08
1.5 inch$1.35$0.70$0.50$0.28$0.17$0.12$0.085
2 inch$1.50$0.80$0.55$0.29$0.19$0.13$0.09
2.5 inch$1.60$0.90$0.60$0.32$0.21$0.15$0.095
3 inch$1.75$1.00$0.65$0.38$0.23$0.17$0.11
3.5 inch$2.25$1.20$0.70$0.40$0.25$0.19$0.12