to Set Up Custom Woven Labels For Apparel Products?

How to set up Custom Woven Labels For Apparel Products?

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Designing your own custom labels is easy, affordable, and puts you in full control of the process from start to finish!

Owning a company takes a lot of hard work. There are many details to consider, big decisions to make, and important tasks to do to create the perfect product that will sell. With many processes along the way being complicated, costly and labor-intensive, you will likely be on the lookout for some aspects of the process that are easier and less expensive. Designing and ordering custom woven labels for your product puts you in the driver’s seat.

Why labels?

Labeling garments is an important step in the task of creating your own clothing, bags, shoes or other types of wearable goods. Labels give important information to the customer to ensure they are getting what they want and know how to take care of it.

Labels come in many shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Choosing the right one for your company will depend on a lot of factors, and only you will know what is best. Considering the customization options will help you enhance your labels to really showcase what your items are made of.

Why woven?

Many clothing, bag and shoe companies know the importance of quality. Having high-quality products is incredibly important, but it is imperative to consider the small details as well. Choosing high-quality woven labels for your garments will show your customers that you care about the quality you put out in the world, even down to the tags.

Woven labels can be used on any part of your garment thanks to the clever fold and loop options and the soft and amazing material you can get. Behind the neck for shirts, under the tongue of shoes, just inside the zippered compartment of a bag – there are many places a helpful label can be placed. Using the various folds, loops and attachment methods of woven labels means you have plenty of options to make your item look its best while being fully practical.

Why custom?

Customization is important for designing anything. You want to be able to have full control over what you are creating, from start to finish. Being able to choose everything from color to font to size to attachment method to material is ideal for your woven labels. Having this control over what the end product will look like will ensure that you are attaching something to your item that you are proud to have made and that is helpful to the consumer.

Adding your brand’s logo to the exterior of your item or garment might not go with the design elements. A great way to showcase your logo would be to add it to a label on the interior of the item. Thanks to the ability to upload images to use on custom woven labels, your logo and brand can be shared with consumers. You really are in full control of your labels!

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