Label Materials for People with Sensitive Skin

Posted on: July 29, 2016

When designing labels for clothes, there are a lot of factors that need to be given importance. One of these factors that deserve special attention is the material used for the labels. Inferior quality of label materials can lead to skin problems, rashes and itching. So, make sure you are choosing clothes material that is of superior quality, soft and gentle on the skin.

People with sensitive skin are extra cautious about the clothes materials they purchase. Care needs to be taken that the labels are skin sensitive so that there is no skin irritation. Choose the label fabrics wisely and make sure that the natural fibers of the labels work towards improving the feel and comfort. Stiff fabrics are never comfortable, so make sure that you refrain from using such materials. Keeping such criteria in mind, let us take a look at the label materials that you can opt for.

Cotton – Cotton is a natural fabric that is best for people with sensitive skin. It is highly absorbent implying that excess perspiration is absorbed without leading to any sort of skin allergy or irritation. It is a warm material and is best for all skin types. The major reason for label designers to opt for cotton labels is that they sit well on clothes. Cotton labels are the preferred option because these are extremely gentle on the skin.

Silk – Silk has the ability to retain body heat effectively and this is the reason why designers opt for silk labels. This material has a superior quality sheen that further enhances the visual appeal of the labels. Silk is known for being a strong material that is extremely flexible and at the same time gentle on the skin. It is also known to have a wicking action on the skin that removes body moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and fresh.

Viscose – Viscose is considered to be a natural product that is extensively used by label designers. Along with viscose, the other materials used are hemp and linen. But as materials, these are slightly heavier than viscose. It is, therefore, important to find out whether chemicals are used in the making of the material. But as of now, it is a commonly used label material for all fashion designers and label manufacturers.

These are three of the best clothing labels, and they can be personalized to meet specifications and requirements. Personalized clothing labels are a big hit in the fashion industry because they add a personal touch to clothes that please clients. Personalized or tailor-made labels are an effective way to have a wider audience base and business houses understand that well. Designers feel the need to establish customization as a feature to grab attention and attract potential customers.