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Printed, Woven, And Everything In Between

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Decisions, decisions, decisions. There are so many decisions to make when designing your own clothing line, accessories, shoes or furniture. Whatever item you are creating and selling, you are likely to go through a series of options to choose from at every step of the process. Here, we will discuss the various options for the helpful labels that you put on your items.

What’s in a label?

Labeling clothing or other material items is done for a plethora of reasons. The main reason custom woven labels–or any labels for that matter–are made is to share information with the consumer. It is important to be upfront with the consumer by showcasing important information about the material you’ve used. This can include manufacturing information such as where the item was made, what the material is made out of, and any necessary care instructions to keep it in good condition.

Another key piece of information that is shared through a clothing label is sizing information. The sizing label can be as simple as small, medium, or large. It can also be more in-depth, such as showing what the sizing would be in various countries or regions to appeal to an international audience.

Lastly, as label is important to show off your brand or a logo. Printed and woven labels can showcase varying degrees of images and text in various fonts to allow your branding to take center stage on the garment’s labels. Using your branding and logo as a marketing tool doesn’t just mean using it in advertisements and web design. It is important to have your company name or tag line easily recognized on the high-quality garments you are creating.

What’s the difference?

So, you have heard of printed labels and woven labels, but you may be confused on what the difference is. For starters, printed labels are simply digitally printed right onto the material you choose, such as satin, cotton or other blends. Woven labels are normally made of polyester or cotton, with any design or wording woven into the material.

These are two popular options for labels. Choosing between the two is a personal choice and often depends on pricing and the garment itself. Some people regard woven labels as superior to printed. Although it is a more intricate process to create custom woven labels, printed labels can still do the job just as well. Depending on your care instructions for the garment and the location of the label, one type of label may be better than the other.

Both printed and woven labels can give a professional look to your garment or item. You can use varying levels of intricacy in your label design with both types of labels. Whatever you choose for your items, it is sure to be helpful to the consumer so they know what they are getting and who they are getting it from.

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