Taking On a Relabeling Project

Taking On A Relabeling Project

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Sometimes, things need updating or upgrading. Deciding to switch to new labels for your garments or other labeled items is an achievable task. Having the most informative and helpful content on your labels will help any users or consumers utilize the item correctly.

Choosing a new type of label

When considering the task of adding new labels or changing the original labels, you may want to change the type of label first and foremost. Woven labels work with many different types of garments or other soft material items such as bags or shoe linings.

These types of labels can showcase as much or as little information as you need, in various colors, fonts and sizes. There are different attachment methods as well as various cuts and folds to choose from. With all of the options available, it can feel overwhelming to decide what is best. Think about the reason for this relabeling project so you can tick all of the boxes for what is needed for the company and consumer.

All about location

The location of woven labels on a garment is very important. Often times, a relabeling project comes about due to the need to relocate or move labels to a more appropriate place on the garment. This could be stem from various reasons–such as what is better for the consumer–or it could even be something that is mandated by a seller.

The location of the label depends a lot on what information it is showcasing. Branded logo labels are a great marketing tool; however, they might not need to be front and center if the consumer already knows who they are buying from. In this case, a label with sizing information or information about materials used and where the garment is made would be better to display. As for care instructions and other pertinent information, this could be added to labels on more conspicuous parts of the garment.

Benefiting everyone

Changing up the labels on a group of articles of clothing seems like a big task. Undertaking this type of project takes patience and preparation. Knowing what type of label you want to use as well as the location for each label are the first steps. If you need to remove any old labels, there are various ways that this can be done depending on the label type. Taking the old label type into account may be the deciding factor for what style or cut of label you use for the new design.

Choosing the correct information to put on clothing labels as well as deciding what size and style each label will be is all very important to the success of the garment. Make sure you choose high-quality labels that will last through plenty of wear and tear for the best end result, especially in the eyes of your customers.

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