The Most Important Information You Can Get From A Label

The Most Important Information You Can Get From A Label

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Imagine you are walking through a store looking for something very specific. Perhaps it is a dress with a specific material, or a new pair of boots in a particular size. How will you know once you have found exactly what you are looking for? The answer is easy: garment labels. From material and sizing to brand info and more, the label of clothing, shoes, bags or furniture helps consumers pick out exactly what they want and need.

Brand info

Depending on what item you are looking for and what your wants or needs are, you may be searching for a very specific brand. Companies who use their branded logo or other imaging that can set them apart from other brands help the consumer know who they are purchasing from.

Brands compete with each other within the same type of clothing style. Brands can set themselves apart by showcasing positive attributes of their company or the product they are selling by specifying this on their garment labels. There is ample room on the main garment label, or they can choose to add additional labels to share this information with consumers.


The sizing of a garment or article of clothing is one of the main reasons a consumer will first look for a label. Choosing the right size can be a headache for some people, so giving plenty of information on the size label will benefit everyone.

It is also important for you to keep in mind the way the product is showcased. For example, T-shirts may be folded in a store with the label hard to reach. The placement of the label and the font and color of the sizing information should be easily accessible so that consumers do not get frustrated while searching for what they need.

Material and care instructions

Some people have allergies to specific fabrics or materials, while others just have a preference of one material over another due to ethical reasons or even comfort. Nobody wants an itchy sweater! For these reasons, explaining the material that is used for a garment, particularly a clothing item, is an important part of the labeling process. This is where companies often include the location the material is sourced from or where the garment is made. This gives as much information as possible to the consumer so they can make an informed buying decision.

How to care for a specific material is not knowledge that everybody will have. Explaining how to care for the garment is a necessary step. Care instructions can explain how to wash the item, dry it, and any other care that is needed.

When planning out the labels for any articles that are being sold, showcasing the brand information, sizing, material and care instructions is of the utmost importance.

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