Xpresa Labels Offer Customised Woven & Printed Labels

Xpresa Labels is your one stop solution because it addresses all your printing related issues and delivers customized labels. Xpresa Labels work closely with the apparel and the textile industry throughout USA and across the globe. We specialize in providing woven labels, clothing labels, printed labels along with several other clothing accessories like clothing tags and garment tags. All these labels can be customized as per client preference to give their clothing line a personalized touch.


Let us take a closer look at the products that we offer:

• Printed satin labels
• Clothing labels
• Woven labels
• Fabric labels
• Garment labels
• Textile labels
• Satin woven labels
• Taffeta woven labels
• Damask woven labels
• Furniture woven labels
• Printed industrial labels
• Pet labels
• Clothing tags
• Garment tags
• Printed hand tags

Woven labels made by our team of skilled professionals consist of high quality woven touches that enhance the quality of your clothes. Our labels are a popular choice for t-shirt labels, apparels and furniture. We always aim to be ahead of our contemporaries and deliver products within a fast turnaround time.

We have always focused on offering customized or personalized labels because that adds value to your client’s business.

Printed labels that we offer can be customized for using in clothes accessories, in hand tags and in garment labels. Woven labels made by our team are high quality and does not fade away from clothes.

Clients can always rely on our clothing label glossary because that will help them decide easily about the clothing label that they want or that will look good on their business. Giving clients first preference always, we have used the latest software to make their experience of working with us pleasurable. Payment getaway is kept extremely secure by Paypal.

We have our network and connections based in different parts of the world. Such strong connections allow us to ship customized clothing labels to NYC, California, Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Boston, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and all states of USA. It gives us immense pleasure in stating that we are the largest company shipping woven clothing labels worldwide.

We have a strong team and you can fall back on them. Contact us today and we will reach you in no time with a free quote and a few samples of our clothing labels. We focus on making your experience with us overwhelming. That is guaranteed with best results, fast turnaround time and all of it within affordable prices.

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