Promotional Logo Labels

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Woven promotional/logo labels are used for many purposes. Shirts, Hats, Patches, Display, Cup Covers, etc. We can match any design, provided the colors are in a .jpg design, or provided as a TPC/TPX(pantone for Textiles). We have performed amazing results on many logos and you can feel confident that our staff will advise the outcome based on your design and dimension requirements. Your brand name labels deserve the most professional look so you’ve come to one of the best woven label suppliers in the USA.All woven labels are custom and we would follow your requirement; Many cuts are available. Straight Cut(cut all around for stitching all around), Centerfold(folded in half with a fold on one side and loose ends on other-label is sewn from loose ends), Cut/End Folded(label ends are folded inward for stitching on the inside of folds.

This form of label does not last as a woven label because woven labels are produced using thread colors to recreate your artwork, whereas printed labels use ink. Ink will fade after regular washes. Xpresa Woven Labels are high quality and are durable under all environmental conditions and wash cycles.


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