Adhesive / HeatSeal Labels

Woven Adhesive Labels, also referred to as Pressure Sensitive Labels- are woven stickers most commonly used for standalone objects that are not exposed to the elements or wash cycles. Carpets, Furniture, Industrial products, Tiles, Bottles, Glassware, Medical Products, Promotional items, Brand Identification. Stationary Equipment, shoes and temporary (non-washable) adhesive clothing labels can use woven adhesive labels. These labels have adhesion similar to peel and stick name badges and would come off if used on clothing or items that are washed. Get your woven adhesive labels made with top quality. Feel free to design your own labels using our Design Tool on our quote form for your custom made labels.

Adhesive woven labels are all straight cut pre-cut rolls. While folds are not possible, a die cut option would be able to provide many shapes. We provide adhesive clothing labels with taffeta or damask, which is a thinner thread so the surface is smoother.

Woven Labels or woven printed labels can have a heat seal iron on backing. Woven clothing labels will last longer; they are simply applied by using a heat sealer or ironing at high heat (cotton) for 10-15 seconds. The heat seal level is usually determined by the material used and this process is performed after label creation. Please note that there is an additional charge for this process. Contact us for a free quick quote and samples!



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