Furniture Woven Labels

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Furniture or Home Accessories labels are used for brand logo, care, content, size or Law, Legal info or a combination of all. Furniture labels a logo on a woven label or printed label with an adhesive background that is a referred to as a self adhesive, peel and stick or pressure sensitive label that are stuck on to the furniture or furnishings.

These custom furniture labels are like stickers and are woven with adhesive backing that will easily spotlight your product. The sizes are all custom and can be ordered as few as 100pcs. or hundreds of thousands at a time. We are a supplier to many major furniture manufacturers that have very high quality standards. Many clients are often shocked at the quality and price as are compared to overseas manufacturers that take longer and have limited quality controls.

You can choose up to 8 colors for this woven tag. A woven damask is a thin diameter thread that brings out quality and is better than embroidery. We can accommodate up to 8 colors for a woven version. Note, we do not determine legal wording for regulations or government required wording. We produce what is provided by our customers.

Most Furniture label tags are used for furniture, sofa, cabinets, chairs, tables, rugs, matts, fixtures, awnings and lamp shades.

Heat Seal or Iron on can be used on some materials or surfaces that allow heat sealing require iron on or heat sealing. We provide samples for your review if you request an instant quote.


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