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Xpresa Labels is a manufacturer Clothing Labels and Woven Labels. Order online, design and make your own clothing tags made fast. Use our online label quote form and we will send free samples of our custom tags for fashion, clothing, garments, shirts, sewing, apparel and accessories. 

Our turnaround time is fast and we supply all types of quality clothing labels, printed or woven. This has helped us become a leading supplier of clothing labels to order. Get your custom clothing labels or woven tags made for your clothes or craft projects where the professionals shop. 

Customers often use clothing labels or woven Labels in Fashion, Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Pet Wear, Knits, Shirts, Furniture and Industrial Labeling. Every product will need a woven clothing label or printed tag to effectively promote a brand.

View our full selection of our clothing labels, woven labels, and printed hang tag samples in our categories section. You’ll see woven taffeta, woven satin, and woven damask options. We’re sure you will find the right label to order.


Clothing Label Maker of Printed or Custom Woven Fabric Tags


xpresa clothing labels
Xpresa Clothing Labels


Wondering how to start a clothing line or new upstart, and need a clothing tag maker of clothing labels to order? Why not make your own clothing labels online? Custom made labels by a professional clothing label maker that has been making t shirt garment label and sew labels with experience is the best solution.

It’s best to purchase quality woven labels from a reputable manufacturer and supplier like Xpresa. We are the experts of custom clothes tags, woven labels, printed garment label for textile, industrial and apparel label industry used throughout the USA and Worldwide.

Don’t make your first decision a mistake. Order only from the best clothing label maker in the business.


Options of Clothing Labels:


  • Custom clothing labels
  • Printed labels
  • Damask labels
  • Satin labels
  • Taffeta labels
  • Custom woven labels
  • Clothes labels
  • Brand tags
  • Apparel labels
  • Garment labels
  • Woven tags
  • Sew on labels
  • Adhesive labels
  • Fabric tags
  • Size labels
  • Care labels
  • Made in USA labels
  • Hang tags


WOVEN LABELS or Printed?


Top quality woven label tags can be weaved, printed satin, care label, or printed apparel hang tag label with many options. We are label suppliers of woven labels are damask labels, satin labels and taffeta labels. It’s very easy to Design your own clothing labels using our Design Tool and get your custom made clothing labels fast by a USA label supplier. Many choices offered for personalized craft knitting or a large clothing apparel manufacturer.

Xpresa labels can be used as professional custom t shirts labels, hand bags, furniture, industrial, beanies, kids clothes, and all types of personalized sew in projects. Best of all, personalized with your custom tag requirements will bring out best results for your products quality woven labels.

Please feel free to use our clothing woven label glossary terms, which will help in deciding which clothing tag will work best for your custom product or knit. Visit our Clothing Tags Instructional and How To Videos to find out which type of sewing label or printed label you can create that will work best for your clothes or product. You’ll find out the difference for apparel labels, garment labels and printed hang tags.

Our commitment to your custom made labels is top priorty.  We will work diligently in making your clothing labels look stunning.




Woven labels can be ordered as a high definition damask woven label, satin woven label, or a taffeta woven label. Woven labels can be use for all types of clothes, whether apparel clothing label or an industrial custom woven label, which are mainly used for furniture accessories. Our site offers many resources to help you decide on the best woven labels.

There is an option to order your custom woven labels with adhesive(stickers) or heat seal(iron on) backing. Buying a woven clothing label is always the best option in terms of quality and smoothness. Custom woven tags are always best in comparison with an embroidery tag which are often rough and bulky.

Note, free samples of our woven labels and clothing labels will be sent with your custom label quote request. Samples include damask, satin, taffeta and printed hang tags. 


Danask, Satin, Taffeta
Types of Woven Labels




Custom printed label can be used as a clothing label for garments, clothing accessories, industrial requirements, manufacturing or as a printed hang tag. Hang tags and printed satin are exclusively custom to your design.

Browse through our printed label samples found on our website. Physical samples will help you select the right clothing labels. Please use our online quote and get your clothing labels made from the source.

If you are considering printed labels, please note they  can eventually fade with washes or environmental conditions. The Inks and dyes used in producing printed tags are not permanent like custom woven labels. Our woven damask, satin, and taffeta labels provide better results and will never fade. Custom woven labels are made with pre-dyed threads.


Hangtags with string for clothing
Printed Hang Tags Labels




Xpresa manufactures and supplies all types of custom quality clothing labels selections. We started manufacturing quality clothing labels products for the textile, apparel labels, garment labels, and sew on labels in 2002.  We are the best source to buy clothing labels that are custom made to order.  Most of our clients have grown with us and are like a part of our family.

If you are just starting out and are new to making your first clothing label, our online ordering process will help make ordering clothing labels a simple process. We’ve taken steps to ensure an excellent experience. As an American company, located in the USA, our products cater to large Fortune 500 companies and small upstarts requiring clothing labels or woven labels.

It’s best to use quality clothing labels for the longevity of your clothing label product.  A clothe or printed tag label promotes brand recognition. Our clothing labels will not fade.


Why consider ordering clothing labels from Xpresa?


The answer is simple. We only utilize modern high end weaving, loom, and cutting equipment offering automation and software design. It takes a good amount of labor and experience to prepare clothing labels, or often called a woven label or an apparel clothing label.

Some competitors will often use small embroidery or sewing machines that produce much smaller quantities. The terms often used are “clothing labels” or “woven labels”, unfortunately not be the same quality as an Xpresa Clothing Label.


  • Quickest turnaround time in the industry for apparel labels and ship free and fast to all 7 continents worldwide. Premium shipping is available.
  • Provide high quality products along with high quality service.
  • Quality products
  • Highly trained staff with many years experience in designing clothing labels and woven labels.


Most noteworthy, our clothing labels do not ship from other countries, which are common with clothing label and apparel labels companies that offer low prices. As a consequence, leave you in dark in terms of delivery and quality. Important to note, our custom clothing labels ship from the USA.

We are proud that most of our customers are repeat customers. This speaks volumes about service and quality. We will work with you throughout the process.




  1. The process starts with filling out our online Quote/Sample form to receive a prompt label quote and samples of our clothing label, woven labels, printed tags, fast within 24 hours.
  2.  Simply upload your design or use our Design Tool to create your own woven clothing labels. Or call us at 877-637-7500.
  3. Submit your quote request.  Your quote request will now reach us instantly. Your quote form will thoroughly explain options and pricing details.
  4. Clothing label orders are processed online through PayPal or with secure card transactions.
  5. Proofs will be prepared and sent within 24 hours for your approval.
  6. After your approval, your custom clothes labels will ship in 7-8 days. That was simple.


Lead time of custom clothing labels and woven labels is typically 7-8 business days. Best of all, we ship worldwide and offer free shipping for your custom order of clothing labels.




Our mission is to be the best clothing label company in the textile and apparel labels industry. We’ve been in business for many years on the web and frequently ship everywhere custom clothing label, garment labels or woven labels are required.


Order clothing labels from Xpresa, and experience why we have such great quality and positive feedback. Millions of our apparel labels are sold at department stores or on online merchant stores, or craft sites, like Etsy.


You have have found the right clothing label company. Thank you for visiting.  Now you know where to get your labels made.