Woven Labels

Xpresa Labels have been in this industry for quite some years now and we are considered to be one of the most reliable label manufacturing company. Designs and prints used on labels are extremely high quality which has helped us in increasing our client base. Our in-house skilled teams are experts in their professional domain and they provide comprehensive solutions and advice to clients. These solutions help in weaving labels those match client expectations and they keep coming back to us for more.

Our professional label specialists analyze all details in your custom woven label request and note down specifications so that the products we provide are of high quality. Raw materials that we use to make labels are of good quality so that there is no compromise on the quality of products.

  • Printed Hang Tags
    Printed Hang Tags

Xpresa Labels specializes in customize clothing labels as per requirements placed by fashion houses at extremely affordable prices. So you can be rest assured to get good quality labels within your set budget and delivered in a prompt manner. We offer customized woven labels, printed as well as clothing labels and this ability to customize products help us to be ahead of our competitors.

The list does not end here and we also provide:

• Garment and Clothing tags
• Woven clothing labels
• Custom woven clothing labels
• Woven Label manufacturers
• Garment Woven labels
• Labels for clothing

The perks of having us on board is, you place your order and pay for the order placed because we have no shipping charges with super fast turn-around time. This implies that our service is extremely prompt.

Woven labels designed by our team of professionals are made of high quality weaving material and woven touches. In order to provide clients easy assistance, we have the clothing glossary since that helps clients in the decision making process regarding the kind of labels they want.

Woven labels are Woven Clothing labels constructed with the highest quality woven material; they are designed with durability in mind. These apparel labels are produced in various materials to suit the needs of all of your projects. They are woven labels by various looms that produce High Definition, Woven Damask, Woven Satin, and Woven Taffeta labels all personalized for your customized label for clothing projects. These custom woven labels are all great, however, depending on your garment you might want to choose something in satin as opposed to woven taffeta.

Woven Labels are used as Clothing Labels, Industrial Labels, Furniture Labels, Apparel Labels, Sewing Labels, or for any Quality Woven Labels requirement.

High Definition Woven Labels

High Definition label is a woven damask process that has the highest quality and quantity of thread count to ensure a clean cut and smooth finish.

Damask Woven Labels

Damask is an incandescent, high end, soft texture thread; typically used for more intricate details.

Satin Woven Labels

A satin woven label is a Polyester blended labels, that’s smooth textured material that produces exceptional results by using a needle or broadloom set up.

Taffeta Woven Labels

A Taffeta woven label is a cost effective choice by utilizing a polyester base; suggested for woven apparel labels that are going to be exposed to elements and not to the skin.

We offer a variety of custom woven labels meant to fit any of your needs. Browse our samples of woven labels and call us at 877-637-7500. We will start weaving your labels today! Or use our quote form for a fast quote.

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