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We offer various types of labels to meet your products. These include woven labels, which can be satin, taffeta, and damask. Woven labels are created by using threads that are projected through a loom in order to provide a high level of detail similar to embroidery but with much more sophisticated stitches and details.

We also offer printed satin and hang tags. See our Labels Glossary for better explanations.

They can be Straight Cut, Cut/End Folded, Centerfold, Mitre Folded or Manhattan Fold. See below for the graphic of cut/fold options.

Backing options are with heat seal(iron on) or adhesive.

There are several options available for cutting and finishing labels. These options include three primary categories.
– Center Fold
– Straight Cut
– End Fold

Please check our custom design section for the list of Cut/Fold type

Xpresa Labels is one of the oldest and most reputable online label manufacturers. We offer the fastest turn-around time and best quality options in the industry. Once we receive your Quote, we prepare a custom quote and samples within 24 hours. Our quote form will indicate pricing, instructions and lead times in writing. Once we receive your order commitment, we will prepare a proof (physical proof via .jpg) typically within 24 hours. Once we receive your approval, we will ship your order in 8-10 business days.

We coined the term NO SET-UP FEES and FREE SHIPPING. We do not have any SET-UP Fees, Shipping Fees or any other hidden fees. We take out the hassle and gimmicks often used that offer a Low Minimum which appears to be a very cheap price usually from the far east, then the extra fees and grueling lead time not only adds to your cost, but creates more aggravation as you wait for your product. We quote everything in writing and stand by our Service, Quality and Lead Time.

Once you have completed our quote form and your custom design and submitted an order as instructed in our quote, we prepare a proof which is a physical proof sent as a .jpg for a woven version and a software layout for printed satin or printed hang tags.

Having a design ready as a digital file usually is the simplest way, but you can utilize our Design Tool to Create a simple design, or provide a MS Paint, Clear Sketch or the font written in an email with requested positioning and layout, and we will do our best to reproduce your proof.

We do our best to recreate, but with a woven process, there are some size limitations based on the size of your labels.

Physical samples can be sent out but will delay your project by 7 days. Our physical .jpgs will have very clear details with measurements.

We have a 100pcs. MIN which moderately priced, but pricing at this level is mainly production and labor fees so the piece cost would look high. Our quote will provide several levels to see where the piece cost drops offer the lowest minimums in the industry. With our NO Set-up, No Shipping and Fast Lead Time, you will note we have the best Service.

Our Woven Labels are the best choice for longevity. They are produced with vegetable dyed threads which will not fade or bleed with wash cycles, environmental elements(saltwater or sunlight).

Printed satin do fade over time and is not suggested for products that are frequently washed or out in the elements.

Heat Seal (Iron On) labels can be applied with a heat press or a regular house iron. Set to 300 degrees (medium cotton setting for iron) and press firmly for 20-25 seconds. No steam. Let cool completely.

You can upload your design once your quote is submitted online. We prefer .jpg, .pdf or .ai files. Or if you have a label you need recreated, you can use a scanner or take a photo and send as a .jpg. Our Design Tool can be utilized for a simple layout design. Our Sales Team will review and make sure if your design can be created with the details and your size requirement.

You can provide your colors as a TPX/TPC(textile pantone), PMS or if flexible, we can do our best to match the color on your design. You can use our Color Chart.

We will do our best to match the colors with the available threads(we stock over 3,000 thread colors). Metallic Gold or Metallic Silver are only one type.

If the size is appropriate, most text comes out fine. Small caps or fonts under 8pts(under 0.4cm) are more challenging so larger font is better for woven labels. Larger caps typically come out more clear.

The smallest for printed labels are 5pt.

Our terms and conditions are listed on our quote form. Or you can click Terms/Conditions.

Our products are produced in 8-10 business days of your order approval for custom labels. Stock items ship the same day. Shipping is Free for Standard UPS Ground/USPS throughout the US. Lead time is typically 2-3 days for the Eastern and Central US and 4-5 days for Mountain and Western States. Canada and Puerto Rico takes 3-4 days. For faster service, we can price UPS 3 Day, 2 Day or Overnite difference based on your location.

International shipping is usually UPS, Fedex or DHL.

You will be emailed a tracking number when your order leaves our facility.

Orders shipped to international locations may be subject to the customs and duties charges required by that country. Canada, UK, Australia or some Caribbean nations usually are not subject to customs fees.

All pricing is custom to your requirement. Labels are calculated based on size dimensions, number of colors and type of process needed.

For example, a typical label is under 2”, labels that are over 3” usually will Require more materials and will incur some waste based on the type of cut.

Woven labels are much more durable and have a lower more economic minimum. However, the initial time between producing 100pcs. or 1,000pcs. is about the same, so the piece cost on smaller quantities would seem higher because of the labor/production time is the same.

Heat Seal(iron on) or Adhesive backing can be applied to a Straight Cut(no folds) label for an additional fee if needed. Heat Seal will stay on most items for a long period of time, but adhesive will come off if washed or submersed in water. Adhesive is better for stand alone items, such as machinery, furniture, rugs, etc.

Printed labels have a higher min at 1,000pcs. because the rolls we use are high quality and produce that many and they are not re-usable.

Our generic pricing below will give you an idea of general pricing. Please note we eliminate the gimmicks for tacking on additional fees. Our pricing quoted includes all fees, including set-up, proofing, production and shipping fees. Pricing is based on a 2 color woven label with a Straight Cut, Cut/End Folded or a Centerfolded Label.

Size is determined by averaging the width and height. W + H / 2. For example, if your label is 1 x 2 inches, the the overall size to use when determining pricing would be 1.5 inches.

Size 100 300 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
1 inch $1.25 $0.60 $0.45 $0.26 $0.15 $0.11 $0.08
1.5 inch $1.35 $0.70 $0.50 $0.28 $0.17 $0.12 $0.085
2 inch $1.50 $0.80 $0.55 $0.29 $0.19 $0.13 $0.09
2.5 inch $1.60 $0.90 $0.60 $0.32 $0.21 $0.15 $0.095
3 inch $1.75 $1.00 $0.65 $0.38 $0.23 $0.17 $0.11
3.5 inch $2.25 $1.20 $0.70 $0.40 $0.25 $0.19 $0.12

Our labels offer smooth cut which have fused edges so your label will not unravel. For ultimate smoothness (swimwear, undergarments) you can use an ultrasonic cut for a small extra fee.

Xpresa Labels, Inc is a New Jersey registered company. Only orders shipping to a NJ address will have sales tax added to their order total.


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