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Here’s how to make a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Now that people all over the world understand that further deterioration of the Earth’s environment can have catastrophic consequences, conscious efforts are being made to sustain the Earth’s environment.

Right from individuals to communities and businesses, all are proactively doing their bit to save the planet and switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. Businesses too are contributing to this effort and adopting sustainable processes to reduce their carbon foot print. In the garments’ industry too many manufacturers have adopted sustainable practices in their process flow and are offering customers sustainably made products of the highest quality. Right from their labels to the packaging material, everything these brands use is biodegradable as well as made from re-cycled products.

Xpresa Labels is one such business entity that has helped many garment manufacturers in their efforts of making their brand sustainable by offering a host of options in eco-friendly labels. Xpresa Labels makes the best quality custom woven labels, adhesive labels, printed labels and more, which brands can proudly showcase with their products.

While Xpresa Labels is there to help you with eco-friendly labels, here are the other things that you can do to make a sustainable fashion brand.

Build an environment friendly facility:

For a sustainable fashion brand it is important to ensure that everything, right from the facility to the process has the least impact on the environment. To ensure this you must try to restore and build your manufacturing unit on some damaged land which is also free from critical species. Alongside, the manufacturing facilities should also meet the highest standards in terms of emissions as well as energy consumption so as to minimize wastage in any form. Moreover, you should also try to ensure that drainage channels have a proper catchment system so that the microfibers do not mix with and pollute the waterways.

Be careful with the dyes and detergents:

In the garment industry, dyes, bleaching agents and cleaning agents have an important role to play as they are used in large quantities. And it is extremely important to select them with great care so they do not pollute the surrounding water bodies. Use of natural vegetable based dyes and other mild cleansing agents is as such a must if you want to build a sustainable fashion brand.

Source raw materials very carefully:

In the garments’ industry fabrics of various kinds make up a chunk of the raw materials and sourcing the right kind of raw materials is often the biggest challenge to address. You must try to source fabrics locally in order to cut down on the burning of fossil fuels that goes in the transportation. Additionally, you must avoid the use of fabrics, the manufacturing of which takes a toll on the environment. Also, the raw materials you source should be consciously sourced to avoid wastage and the goods you produce should be of the highest quality so they last long and can be recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

Have a robust waste management system in place:

For a fashion brand to be truly sustainable it is also very important to ensure that the manufacturing unit does not add on to the already burgeoning problem of waste management. To ensure this, you must have measures in place to reduce mistakes and prevent wastage of fabric, use sustainable materials for packaging as well as have a repair and upcycling program in place to close the loop of the garment’s lifecycle.

Xpresa Labels, which is highly trusted by clients for their sustainably made adhesive labels, woven labels, printed labels and other such bespoke labels, is always willing to work with and share their knowledge of fabrics with fashion brands to create such environment friendly products.


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Overview on different kinds of Hang Tag printing methods

The popularity of a brand immensely depends on the efforts that go into establishing its presence in the market. The branding and marketing efforts compliment the product quality and design to ensure its success. Right from the stitched labels to the hang tags, all play a crucial role in enhancing a brand’s overall image and ensuring its success.

Xpresa Labels is a reputed label manufacturer that has been making different kinds of premium quality labels since 2002. They have expertise in making a variety of hang tags, furniture woven labels, printed labels and more. Customers highly appreciate the variety of labels and prints that they can get with Xpresa Labels. Today we shall take a closer look at the different types of hang tags by virtue of the printing methods that people can get from Xpresa Labels.

Gloss Lamination:

As the name suggests, these hang tags have a glossy finish owing to the gloss laminate that is applied on them. The gloss laminate makes the surface more reflective which makes the tag look shiny and helps in quickly grabbing attention.

Matte Lamination:

People nowadays are quite fond of the matte finish and often associate the same with premium products. Matte lamination of hang tags is as such gaining immense popularity as furniture woven labels as well. The content printed on the tag is simply protected with the help of matte lamination to give it a softer and muted look.

Foil Stamping:

This is another interesting way of making a swing tag stand out. In order to make these swing tags, a metallic foil is bonded to the paper with the application of heat and pressure. This method of metallic foiling gives the tag a realistic metallic gloss and also makes the tag more durable. Such tags with metallic foils are quite durable and also enhance the overall look and feel of the product.

UV spot Finish:

Spot UV helps in adding depth and contrast trough different levels of shine and texture and this technique is also used in making hang tags. In the hang tags, mostly the logo or brand name is highlighted using this technique. With the application of a special Spot UV varnish, the area highlighted with this technique gets a beautiful shine.

Metallic PMS Printing:

In this method, a special variety of ink containing real metal particles is often used. In order to get the best shine and finish using this technique, it is important to apply multiple coats of paint. This method of printing also helps in ensuring that the hang tag stands out and compliments the brand it represents.


Hang Tags made using this technique can be often seen with leather accessories as well as some premium men’s clothing brands. In order to get the raised texts, plates are pressed onto the paper. The text is then colored using foil or different kinds of ink. This technique works perfectly well with thick paper as that helps the raised letters stand out clearly.


As you may have already guessed from the name, debossing is the exact opposite of embossing. In this technique the texts are indented into the paper, and the same is highlighted with the help of ink or even the process of foil stamping.

While these techniques are most commonly used to make hang tags for garments and accessories, for products like furniture, even woven labels can be used for the hang tags as any coarse or hard material can even damage the product.

Hang tags are available in all shapes, sizes and designs and can always be customized as per the client’s needs. Xpresa is the market leader in making bespoke labels and can provide customers the most outstanding designs in hang tags.