Hang Tags

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When deciding to use clothing labels you want to make sure they are going to be the right size and material for the garment. Printed labels can easily been sewn in and are thin for comfort and flexibility. While the hang tags, are thicker stronger labels used for the exterior of the garment or product.

We offer custom clothing labels in various types of material. The most common type of material used for clothing tags is Satin Acetate. Satin Acetate is used when considering the softness of material or when cost is a major concern. Three different colors can be produced on satin acetate clothing tags. Hang tags also referred to as HangTags are printed on cardstock with options of matte, glossy or semi gloss. Thickness can be from 12pt. to 24pt. String and pin can be customized for your custom hang tag labels. Get the right printed tags and hang tags are the biggest steps in starting your clothing line, fashion labels, home accessories or industrial tags.

The durability of our Xpresa Woven Labels is never in doubt; they are produced with the highest quality and durability to withstand all environmental conditions. However, be advised that printed labels do not withstand as long as woven labels since they are produced using thread to recreate your artwork. Browse our samples of printed labels and see how custom clothing labels can change your brand!


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