Create Custom Tags To Upgrade Clothing

Designing custom clothing tags can help enhance sales, give the consumer information about the garment, and send the message of your brand to others.

Labeling clothing items with custom tags benefits both the consumer and the company. Articles of clothing need to be labeled so the people purchasing and wearing them know what size they are, how to care for them, and where they’re from.

Why go Custom?

Being able to create custom clothing tags means your business, company, school or organization can showcase the branding and logo you want people to remember each time they pick up the clothes. Being able to upload your own image for a tag can help ensure your branding is cohesive. This creates a helpful marketing flow from any printed or web branding to the articles of clothing themselves.


When ordering for custom clothing tags, you will quickly see the many options you have for design, cut, fold and attachment method. Depending on where the tag is meant to be on the garment, you may already know exactly what you need or at least have an idea of how it should look. If not, don’t worry; there are helpful descriptions and images of the different types and styles of tags, which will help you choose – what is best for your needs.

Creating custom labels for clothing is easy, affordable and effective. Enhancing and upgrading your garments by adding your branding, logo and any care instructions benefit everyone.

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