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Does Damask Labels elevate your Brand?

In the Post-Pandemic era, we’ve grown accustomed to wearing comfortable clothes (read: Tshirts and PJs) while staying to home. Most of us now put comfort first when making the sartorial choices while stepping out. And if our clothes can reflect comfort, the same can be expected from clothing labels as well. Seriously! I’m sure none of you like sitting through an important meeting with a strong urge to scratch your neck where the label is poking your skin. However, using damask labels in the clothing items help retain the comfort factor, not just for the body but for the brand as well. Now, let’s ponder over the importance of these types of clothing labels.

1.Intricacy and precision

Damask labels are distinguished for the precision and intricacy it provides. You can print them without actually ruining the label design or quality. The brand logos that consist of small text or signatures can be straight away done on these kinds of labels.
The fine thread lets you add plenty of colors of your choice. There’s restriction on the design formation in a damask label. You have the liberty to use a myriad of designs and styles on every damask labels. Right from a comic strip for kids’ clothing to a signature of a couturier, damask labels can be used anywhere.

2.Soft and smooth on the skin

These woven clothing labels feel smooth on the skin and the malleable texture of the labels makes everything perfect to include in the everyday wear. This is one of the prime explanations behind the huge popularity of the damask labels. You will never get any complaints about skin rashes or itchiness.
The best thing is the fabric of this kind of labels is soft that is the reason the bedding brands make wonderful bed sheets from them. People with sensitive skin

3.Neat finishing

Damask labels are tightly woven. The thin thread utilized for the weave makes the label reflect light. The thinner the thread, the fancier the label comes across. Many of the designer wear brands that produce custom clothes for red carpet events often use the damask labels.
Also, the brands that design dresses for weddings or proms prefer this type of labels as well. Opting for this kind of levels, leads to the brand’s growth and popularity. The neat finishing of the labels goes well with lightweight and soft fabrics. The damask labels make both a garment and its brand stand out in a store or even in pictures from online store catalogs.

4.Exudes a sophisticated design

Damask labels gives out a sophisticated and classy look to a piece of garment. To add to it they look amazing of high quality and plush.
For instance, if you notice a chiffon costume in a clothing store, you would certainly expect it to have an attached label with the similar fashionable feel. That’s why most renowned fashion houses focus on using damask labels only. You will find them soft and shiny and pleasing to the eyes.

5.Durability is everything

These labels are recognized for their durability. It is their tight weave that makes them ideal for enduring use. The designers sometimes stitch the damask labels right on the clothing item. And sometimes, those are pasted on the clothes too. It’s done with the assistance of a heating iron machine.


These pointers make it obvious why damask labels are a popular choice in the fashion and apparel industry. These types of woven labels exude luxury and comfort at the same time.