10 Mistakes to Avoid before Launching your Clothing Line

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Many aspire to start their own clothing line, but only a few can taste success. Research reveals, 53% of clothing line businesses are likely to fail by the end of the fourth year. Many clothing businesses tend to be on the line because of a lot of reasons. Here are 10 mistakes an aspiring entrepreneur should avoid before launching their business.

  1. Your designs are common

People have become very conscious of their sartorial taste, and common designs are a big turn-off. Make sure the designs are unique and have a class appeal.

  1. Lack of research

How will you know which types of designs are more appealing to the mass? How will you decide which designs are in-demand but are not readily available? Research plays a huge factor in answering these questions, and many avoid this part. Online surveys can help you with your research work.

  1. No Variety in design and sizes

Of course, your clothing line will have a niche target audience, but even they will be expecting variety in designs and sizes. Don’t restrict yourself to monotonous designs and offer variety to retain customer loyalty.

  1. Not aware of competitor’s work

In a rush to launch their products, many end up ignoring their competitor’s work. It is really important to keep a close tab on your potential competitors’ work and move forward with your marketing strategies accordingly.

  1. Not having a website      

It has now become an imperative to maintain a website keeping the lifestyle trends of the millennials in mind. Many entrepreneurs lack this and restrict a lot of potential clients to reach their products. A mobile-optimized website has, therefore, become the need of the hour.

  1. Not maintaining a social media account

It is will be considered a cardinal sin if you don’t maintain your business accounts on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Invest a little in paid ads with images of your products with a link to your website to reach out to the maximum target group.

  1. Not paying heed to honest feedback

Clothes selection is relative and differs from person to person. Many designers can’t deal with negative feedback from their clients. Criticism will always help you make a list of things you need to incorporate in your designs to reach a broader spectrum of customers.

  1. Not making a realistic plan   

Many fail to create a well strategized promotional plan according to their budget. If your business does not match with your budget, then you should find partners who will help you with your finances.

  1. Not teaming up with e-commerce sites

The promotional plan should always include teaming up with leading E-commerce sites to reach out to maximum people and enhance online brand visibility.

  1. Not creating an attractive label and tag

A brand logo and label creates an impression in the minds of the buyers. It is really important to make an attractive logo and create custom clothing tags and labels aligned to your brand identity.

Create your custom label and tag here.

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