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10 Most Popular Clothing Labels Used by the Fashion Industry

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We all have experienced the moment when we have looked at the front of our shirt or jacket and questioned the meaning of the tags with the useful information. Along with care instructions, they perform many functions such as identification, traceability, and branding in the fashion industry. From sharing information to endowing the brand with a unique identity, labels come in a great number of variations.

Be it a fashion lover or a clothing business professional, learning all about the various types of clothing labels is critical. So, dive into our list of the 10 most popular clothing labels used in the fashion world:

  1. Woven Labels

Providing a traditional and high-quality style, woven labels are formed by intertwining threads creating logos, text, or designs through weaving. More typically fabricated from fabrics like damask, polyester, or satin, they give an elegant flair to clothes.

  1. Printed Labels

Limited and affordable, printed labels are usually printed using different printing methods on diverse substrates such as cotton, nylon, or ribbon. They are perfect clothing labels used for displaying care instructions, size information, and branding elements.

  1. Heat Transfer Labels

Want your logo colors to glow and your design to last long? Heat transfer labels are manufactured by applying a pre-printed design directly onto the garment using heat. This way of printing presents sharp details and unlocks the possibility of printing on various materials.

  1. Leather Labels

This is a sign of oozing luxury and sophistication which is a favorite of high-end clothing brands. They supplement the traditional classiness and are mostly engraved with brand names or logos.

  1. Metal Labels

If a bold and noticeable statement is intended, the metal labels are ideal. These labels can be made of aluminum or steel; embossed, engraved, or lasered, and branded with a logo or with information about the brand.

  1. Care Labels

These basic tags provide the wearer with maybe the most important garment care instructions which include washing, drying, and ironing. Care labels are usually given in fabrics that are preferred by the majority of people for example cotton or satin.

  1. Size Labels

Consumers are informed by clear measurement labels of the garment’s size. They may exist in different forms like printed labels or tags woven into clothes.

  1. Hang Tags

Labeling of more than a label, hang tags can be termed as mini marketing tools tied to garments while in a showroom. They usually demonstrate branding information, product attributes, and even prices.

  1. Fabric Labels

These tags help in revealing the materials used in a garment, thus keeping the information open and making the consumers informed. Labels made of fabric are usually soft and make them necessary for those who have allergies or have specific fabric preferences.

  1. TPU Labels

TPU labels offer a solution that is lightweight and flexible and is created from thermoplastic polyurethane. They tend to be used for sportswear or outerwear as they are typically water-resistant.


Through understanding the different types of clothing labels, it is quite possible to be wiser about the fashion industry and also shop for garments that are good for you. Descriptions from fashion designers aren’t only simple notices, they are the display of the finest aspects of the fashion world.