10 Must-Have Features for Labels used in Kids Products

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Be it for clothing or accessories, labels for kid’s products need to have certain characteristics different from any other generic brand label. So if you own a kids product brand then you should categorically consider these features for the product labels to give it a distinct look and attract more potential customers.

  1. The Right Colors

We can’t deny how fascinated our kids (or even we) get when we come across a ‘Marvel’ or a ‘Disney’ label. Choose the color scheme wisely and let the label do all the talking for your brand.

  1. The Right Fonts

The font of the brand name also plays a very important role in accentuating the intent of your company. Use fonts that can immediately influence the purchasing decision of the parents.

To get a better picture, you can take a cue from the brand ‘Lil Grom’.

  1. The Right Design

Kids love cartoons! Period. How about incorporating one in your brand label? They will start loving your brand if you could connect with them through the label you use for your clothing or accessories brand.

Here’s how ‘Monkeybar Buddies’ does it.

  1. Waterproof

If you wish to keep your brand label intact even after several washes then you can consider woven labels over printed labels. Woven labels are highly durable and can finely contain intricate details.

  1. Scratch resistant

The toddlers are always up to fiddling with stuff. You wouldn’t want your label to lose its distinct quality with a few scratches. Use high-quality coated labels that come with the assurance of scratch resistance.

  1. Sunblock quality

If you’re considering labels for school bags, camp bags, water bottles, and other school products, then make sure the labels have the sun resistance quality.

  1. Fade resistant

As the Woven labels are intricately woven with fine detailing, it does not easily fade away. However, if you have budgetary crunch, then you can also use printed labels with high-quality ink.

  1. Soft and smooth

This is especially applicable for clothing labels. Children’s skin is very sensitive and you wouldn’t want to invite complaints about using an itchy and irritable label for your brand.

  1. Right Cuts and folds

The label makers you choose will provide you a wide array of choices in cuts and folds. Keeping all of the above features in mind, you should consider the type of cuts and fold that aligns with the look and feel of the product.

  1. Adheres to child safety norms

Having said it all, the most important priority should be creating a label that is safe to use and complies with all types of child safety standards.

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