5 Things to Keep in Mind when Creating Printed Labels for your Brand

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Printed labels are most popular due to easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Label purchasing volume has increased in the last couple of years and with the increasing demand for printed labels, more and more label makers are coming up with innovative techniques to design cutting-edge labels.

Printed labels can be imprinted with high-quality ink or can also be sewn in depending on the requirements of the brand. If you’re planning to create a printed label for your brand then you should consider these attributes before you get started.

  1. Material of the label

First of all, it is important to select the material of the printed label according to the products of your brand. If it is a clothing line business then satin Acetate is the most commonly used material because it guarantees smoothness and is low priced. For businesses like home accessories, furniture, industrial product, glassware, sports products, or similar products that are not exposed to frequent washing can go for adhesive or peel and stick printed labels. Different types of plastic material are also preferred depending on the usage of the products.

  1. Shape of the label

Many are not sure about what sizes and cuts will be appropriate for their product label. The thickness of printed labels generally ranges between 12pt and 24pt. Choosing the ideal cut for the brand label is also equally important. Label makers mostly offer cuts like cut/end fold, straight cut, centerfold, rolls/ribbon, etc.

  1. Label design

Most of the businesses nowadays prefer personalized labels for their brand. You must have a particular color scheme, logo, text, and image that speak volumes about your brand. You will be given the option to select the background color and text of the printed label. A good label maker will also give you the flexibility to create the logo and upload the image of your choice. Also, check the image type and resolution and make sure it fits the size of the label.

  1. Ink

The quality of the printed label depends on the type of ink used. Based on the usage of the products you need to choose the type of ink and that also determines the price of the label. The outcome of the label depends on the type of printer and ink used to create the label. For instance, laser printers use toner whereas laser printers consume liquid ink for creating paper labels. The most commonly used type of inks can be dye based and pigment based. As opposed to dye-based, pigment based inks are much more durable and comparatively more water resistant.                    

  1. Finishing touch

This is another important factor that determines the quality of a printed tag or label. Clothing line business calls for finishing touches like matte, semi-glossy, and glossy finish. Whereas, adhesive labels are simple paper labels with can also have finishing touches per the requirement of the client.

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