6 Essential Features your Hangtag should have

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In the rush to stand out of the crowd in the clothing and garment business it is important to adopt the right marketing techniques for your brand. Besides the brand label, hangtags also play a vital role in influencing the purchasing decision of the consumers. Creating custom hangtags can be the stepping stone of heading towards a successful business venture. Read on to learn the top essential features a hangtag should have.

  1. Quirky design

Whether you sell apparel range or pet products, a quirky design in the hangtag is more likely to grab the attention of the buyers. It should represent the type of the products and convey the brand objective. You can also go an extra mile and create a hangtag that will be useful for the users. For instance, if you sell eyeglasses then you can cut out the hangtag like a quirky sunglass which can be used a bookmark.

  1. Experiment with the shape and size

Beside the design make sure the shape and size of the hangtag render the uniqueness of your brand. It should not necessarily be always made from paper. You can experiment with the other materials and convey the USPs of your product. A good label maker will always give you the option to use custom hangtag type like woven or printed. 

  1. Background of your brand

You might have several stories to share with your customers. Use an interesting background story of your company and add a personal touch with the style of direct communication with your potential customers in the hangtag.

  1. Care and pricing

Transparency is always appreciated by the consumers. Product care instructions are a very important feature which should be added to the brand label. But you can do away with too much clutter in a small brand label. You can use the care content in a hangtag in greater details for a better understanding. You can also mention the pricing details in the hangtag.    

  1. Promotional campaigns

It’s a world of social media boom and you might not want to stay out of the bandwagon. Attract the eyeballs of the millennials with promotional campaigns like coupons or exclusive deals and use your hang tag to support this.

  1. Upselling other products

Hangtag is also a great way to pitch additional information about your other products. You can use a small mugshot of the product and provide short and crisp information to influence your existing customers.

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