6 Features your Sports Product Labels Must Have

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Whether you promote your sports products in international events or on social media, you need to a silver bullet to give you an edge over your competitors. Like your sports products, the brand label should also have some special features to create an impression in the minds of your target customers. These are the top features your sports product labels must have to help you reach out to a wider spectrum of potential customers and add a striking exclusivity to your brand name.

  1. Logo design

We all recognize brands like Reebok, Nike, Puma, and Adidas by identifying their logo. It is important to pay a substantial time and professional skills to create the logo of your brand. If you are not getting good sales from your sports products business then it’s high time you reconsider the logo design.

  1. Corporate Color

Like the logo design, choosing the right logo color is equally important. Enlist help from marketing professionals and use the corporate color/colors accordingly. Make sure the design and color complement each other when you create the custom labels.

  1. UV Proof

Most of the sports equipment and products like are exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time. You should ensure the label has the quality to withstand the harmful effects of UV rays.

  1. Fade Proof

Sports product labels are often prone to discoloration. The players are expected to practice for long hours leading to wear and tear. This is more applicable for urban wear, Jerseys, Hoods, Jackets, and other accessories. Make sure the label content stay put even after several washes. You should choose woven labels to make it fade proof.

  1. Sleek finish

If you specialize in sports clothing products then it is expected you give a sleek finish with fine detailing to the t shirt label. This is important to influence the purchasing decision of any sports professional or enthusiasts who might be showing interest in your products.

  1. Cuts and Folds

Choose the label cuts and folds based on the size of the products. Make the sure the custom label makers gives you enough choice in cuts and folds. Center fold, end fold, Mitre fold, and Manhattan fold are the common types of folds. Straight cut, Circle cut, and custom Die cut are common types of label cuts.

Keeping all these features in mind you can create your custom label for sports products with the design tool online.

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