6 Things to Consider when Ordering Custom Labels for your Brand

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Are you sure about the potential of your brand label? If you’re unassertive about this then it’s high time you rethink on redesigning the logo and giving a perfect finishing touch to the label. Customization is the best way to make the label speak volumes for your brand and attract more and more potential customers. Keep these 6 things in mind before redesigning or creating a new label for your brand.

  • Type of the label: Labels are generally of two types. Woven and printed. While woven labels are sewn in a vegetable dyed thread, printed labels are made of ink imprints of the brand logo and other relevant information. So if you prefer more durability then woven labels should be your pick. Printed labels might fade with frequent washing but is much more cost-effective.

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  • Type of Cuts/folds: There are a variety of cuts and folds but the label can be cut or folded according to the product. For instance, T-shirt labels can be mitre fold, straight cut or might have a manhattan hem tag. For industrial and similar needs, label rolls are mostly preferred.

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  • Finishing touch: Some like its plain while some businesses prefer a glossy finish. Look out for label makers which give you the flexibility to give the perfect finishing touch like satin, taffeta, or damask.  
  • Hang tags: This is important for apparels. Hang tags reflects your brand and bridges the gap between the company and the customer. It can carry important information like care instructions, trivia, facts, etc. Here’s a tip: Make a quirky hang tag so that it can be used as a bookmark. People might just buy your products because of an interesting hangtag.

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  • Design of the logo: There are label makers which provide your design tools to prepare the artwork for the brand logo. So if you’re launching your business you can save a lot of funds by designing the logo and creating the custom label at the place.

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  • Online submission:Consider a label maker which offers you the option to submit custom label orders online. You should be able to submit the quote the artwork in a .jpg, .pdf, .pdf or .ai file format.
  • Cost: Generally labels are requested in bulk orders. Hire label producers that provide you high-quality labels at low prices without charging you additional costs like set up fees or shipping charges.

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