7 Mistakes to Avoid when Creating your Brand Logo

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When you buy a product, isn’t it the brand name that strikes you first? You recognize the brand with its label and the unique logo. 

Creating the right logo aligned with the objective of your brand is quite challenging that involves a lot of brainstorming sessions. There’s nothing called a perfect logo but you can definitely work on ways to create a lasting impression on your potential customers. These are the things you should avoid when planning to create your brand logo.

Mistake #1: Non-professional design  

In the business world, every area calls for professional dexterity to compete with the big brands. Many entrepreneurs fail to understand this and try to design the logo themselves. It’s the job of professional logo designers who need to put in their thinking cap for making a creative and compelling logo design. So it’s better you brief your objective them and leave the rest in their hands. 

Mistake #2: Not thinking from the customer perspective

Your taste and preferences might be completely different from your target customers and for this, you should be aware of the latest trends. To get a clear picture of this you should check the age group and other relevant details of people who might be interested in your products and based on that you can conduct a survey or poll.

Mistake #3: Not picking the right color  

Once you’re aware of the demands of your potential leads you should focus on the right color. A lot of employers are in a fix when it comes to picking the right color for their brand. Choose a color that will represent the intent of your brand objective and have an immediate connecting factor with the consumers.

Mistake #4: Not picking the right font

It’s time you do away with out-of-the-ark fonts and pick the right font which will be in sync with the brand identity and has a great visual appeal.

Mistake #5: Copy and paste 

This is probably the worst mistake any business can make. Copying exactly the same brand logo or creating a design very similar to another brand. Doing extensive research and seeking inspiration might be helpful but never COPY.

Mistake #4: Ignore the competitors

The thumb rule of business is to keep your friends close but your competitors closer. It is very important to make a list of your competitors who are faring pretty well in their business and follow their marketing techniques. This will not only help to create your logo design better but also form a better marketing strategy.

Mistake #7: Too cluttered

Don’t cram the logo and label with too many details. Keep it simple and crisp and of course, make sure it’s easy to understand.

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