8 Different Types of Cuts and Folds for Brand Labels

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A lot of employers are in a fix when they had to decide the ideal cut and fold for their brand label. To ensure the label placement is perfectly in order, it is important to learn the different types of cuts and folds. You can enlist help from this blog for a better understanding of label cuts and folds and select the right one aligned with your business requirement.

  1. Centerfold label     

These types of printed or woven labels are tucked in the center and woven into a seam. This enables the labels to be used both ways. You can place the brand logo on the front side and provide care instructions or relevant information related to the product on the back of the label.

  1. Straight cut label

These labels have no folds and can be sewn anywhere on the product. Generally, these types of labels are attached either on all four sides or on the left/right, or even on the top of the label.

  1. End fold label

The edges of the labels are folded meticulously and are affixed to the garment. End folds accentuate the brand logo and can be ideally used for products like T-shirts, shirts, and tops for both men and women.   

  1. Mitre fold label

These are generally long and rectangular in shape with about 45-degree folds at each end of the label. These are folded upwards to make the tabs sewn into a seam. The main part of the label hangs downwards and can accommodate brands that are wide and crisp.    

  1. Manhattan fold label/tag

If you wish to drive the brand equity a notch higher, then Manhattan fold labels can do the needful. These are more like hem tags than labels as these are generally exposed in the sleeves of the garment. Make sure the logo is bold and short with not more than 2-3 colors.   

  1. Circle cut label

Circle cut is generally peel-and-stick labels for a variety of products. These can be customized with relevant information like the size, quality assurance tag, or even the brand logo. The shape of size of these labels can be personalized per the business needs.

  1. Die cut label

Die cutting involves the use of a machine to create cut-out labels of various shapes custom to requirements of the client. These labels can be conveniently prepared without the help of scissors, knives or stencils.  

  1. Label rolls

These rolls are available in the form of rolls in bulk. So if you order label rolls then you not only save a lot of money but also space for packaging.  

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