8 Reasons Hang Tags are Important for your Clothing Brand

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A Hang tag is a reflection of your brand identity, and it can speak volumes about your brand identity. However, a lot of clothing brands are yet to acknowledge the importance of hang tags. Outlined below are some of the major factors why you need to incorporate hang tags in your clothing brand.

What is a hang tag?

Hang tags are labels affixed to the products with relevant information aligned to the brand. They are usually thicker and stronger than other clothing labels.  

  • Voice of your brand

There can be a lot of ways to express how cool and awesome your brand is. Affixing a hang tag with relevant content can be a great way to show it. Make sure the hang tag has a compelling look and feel that voices the USPs of your brand in the shortest possible way.

  • Connects with your customers

An attractive hang tag easily sets an impression and plays positively with the psyche of your customers. For instance, some brands create the hang tag in such a way that it is used as a showpiece or even as a bookmark.

  • Increase sales

Marketing for a clothing brand involves an array of activities. Hang tags can be used as a marketing tool where you can provide promotional codes so that the customers buy more of your products.

  • Custom options

You should choose a label and hangtag maker that gives you the flexibility to customize your printed or woven hangtags per your requirements. They will offer you various sizes and cuts so that you can personalize the hang tag using appropriate color and content.

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  • Care instructions

A customer will always look out for care instructions. Hang tags are a great way to instruct your customers to take care of the products. You should keep the text brief and to the point and may use visual content that represents your brand. You should preferably use printed hang tags so that the instructions can be clearly read.

  • Important information

The customers are always curious about the quality of the fabric. You can include the percentage of clothing materials used to create the product.  

  • Marketing potential

A company may have different ways to express their brand potential. Some may use hang tags to convey the background or fun facts relevant to the brand. This is a great way to express that the customers have invested in the right brand.  

  • Accentuates the uniqueness of your brand

Create an attractive logo with the aid of professional clothing logo makers and make your brand stand out from the crowd. Hang tags are again a great way to showcase the logo and uniqueness of your brand.  

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