A comprehensive step by step guide to start your clothing line

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The fashion industry is rapidly evolving today and the changes seen can be primarily attributed to the changing preferences of customers. Customers today are quite happy to try out new styles, designs and fabrics, which have given many new entrepreneurs the confidence to start their new clothing line.

Xpresa Labels, which is trusted by many apparel manufacturers for the highest quality labels and clothing hang tags has partnered with many fledgling brands and seen them grow into big names in the fashion industry. Garment manufacturers have always trusted Xpresa labels for the best quality products as well as guidance regarding establishing their brands. Here are some noteworthy points from the experts at Xpresa to take into account in order to start a clothing line.

Have a business plan and a strategy in place:

The very first thing that you need to start working on is establishing your brand identity. You must know whether you want to establish a clothing line that promotes sustainable clothing or one that uses recycled materials to make the fabric that will be used to make garments. Once you know what you want to promote, you must ensure coherence across the brand and everything, right from apparels to the clothing hang tags must be made of the same material that you may be promoting.

Know the Target Audience:

This is another aspect that you must take into consideration while establishing a clothing line. After establishing your brand identity you must also identify your target audience so you can accordingly market your brand.

Start designing and sourcing the products:

This is perhaps the most important aspect of starting a clothing line. Once the logistics are in place, you must start with the designing of the products. While you are designing the products, you can also start sourcing the products so you have everything ready for the manufacturing to start.

Get the manufacturing started:

After establishing the clothing line it is also important to start the manufacturing, either in-house or with the help of a partner company. If the manufacturing is to be done in-house, then setting up the unit too would be a major task that you will need to accomplish. However, if the manufacturing has to be outsourced you can simply check out their unit, work flow and quality, draw up a contract and get the work started.

Establish the pricing structure:

Nowadays with customers having so many options in front of them, only the products that are reasonably priced and whose prices can be justified by the product’s quality can remain in business. It is as such extremely important that while establishing a clothing line you fix the pricing structure with great care.

Marketing Plan:

Just like for any other product, for a clothing line too you would need a robust marketing plan. You may want to hire professionals to do the job as everything, right from the clothing hang tags to the promotional events, everything needs to highlight the brand’s USP and strengthen the brand’s image.

Test the product:

Once you have a batch ready with you, you can start with the market testing cum soft launch of your brand. You can present your product in various exhibitions and fairs and keep a tab on the customer reactions so you can later work on them to improve the products.

Once all these steps are carried out in great detail, a clothing line can be successfully launched and scaled up in order to meet the demands of customers if the brand seems to be doing well.