A Short Brief on the Different Types of Fabric Labels

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Do you know what adds value to your brand? Well, it’s a label that brings all the difference to your brand. Yes, it’s the only reason with which a company creates it’s identity in the industry. Now, there is more than one company in the market offering same products and services. So, how will they mark their demarcation in the field? It’s only possible through the labels. Now, if you’re wondering what a label is, then we’ll explain in details.
A label is a strip of cloth consisting the name of the company, the tagline of the company, the manufacturing place, the size of the apparel and other information like washing and caring methods and much more. Apart from creating an identity, a label also forms the basis of a company to stand tall with the other competitors in the business. Now, there are different kinds of fabric labels that are popular for their effective features. To know about them in details, keep reading below:

Woven label– This is one of the classiest and costliest labels used in the fashion industry. This is a label that is woven in apparel with the name of the company and the tagline. As the tag remains in contact with the skin, the fabric of this label has to be soft so that it doesn’t create irritation when in contact with the skin.

Laser cut label– This is the perfect choice for a label if the company prefers uniformity. And moreover, it’s easy to create a brand identity continuously. If a company appreciates lots of words on the label, then this label gives that freedom. Hence, for its unique features, it’s one of the popular labels preferred by the majority.

Embossed label– Now, this sets the class for the label in the field of labeling. It is majorly used for the athletic clothing line. So, in a word you can say that athletic labels are generally embossed labels. The unique feature of the label is that it doesn’t need a strip of cloth for tagging rather it’s embossed on the apparel itself which makes the clothing comfortable to wear. The versatility of this label lies in the fact that it adds a touch of sophistication to the entire look and feel of the garment.

Printed label– This is one of the cost-effective labels that has created a place for itself in the garment industry. It gives immense freedom to the brand to include as many information as desired by the enterprise. So, a company can explore the best of labeling with this kind of label as it’s printed on the apparel and not attached by any extra strip of cloth.

So, the above-mentioned labels are the different kinds of labels that are in demand for their exclusivity and features. Have you made your decision with the label? Or, are you still trying to figure out what label suits your brand the most? Well, know more from the label manufacturers and select the one that is apt for your brand.