Adhesive Clothing Labels – Five Things You Must Know!

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What is the first thing that you check out when you buy a garment? Think carefully. Is it the dress, design or the material? Well, most of us check out the dress size before we decide whether to purchase the particular garment or not. Where is the dress size written? – In the clothing label. Have you ever wondered how huge the clothing label manufacturing industry is? Every month, several hundred labels are manufactured by a single company. If you combine the entire industry, the number of labels produced will exceed several thousand.

For a buyer, the clothing label might appear to be a small piece of garment attached to the apparel but from the perspective of the cloth manufacturing sector, the role played by the label is huge. Almost any and every relevant information of the cloth is available on the label. There are different types– woven, printed, taffeta and adhesive clothing labels. Let’s discuss the adhesive variety and everything related to it.

Five Things You Need To Know About Adhesive Clothing Labels

• Adhesive clothing labels are of the stick on variety. Unlike the other variety of labels that need to be sewn on the garment, the adhesive labels have adhesive at their back. Just peel off the paper and stick on the label and you are good to go. They are cheap, safe and easy to apply which makes them great for use by the cloth manufacturing companies.

• Adhesive labels are available in a variety of fabrics and styles. Right from cotton to satin, this label comes in different shapes and sizes. You can opt for square or rectangular shape. Even diamond and hexagonal are popular choices.

• These labels can be customized to meet the user specifications. This is really great because the buyer can opt for an adhesive label in any style and design they want. Let the label be an extension of your brand.

• Convey all the required information at one go. Starting with the size of the dress, you can convey relevant information like the material used to make the dress, the maintenance and care tips as well as the price of the particular garment.

• You can easily use this label for any purpose. Got your kid’s school project to complete, use the adhesive label to get your child’s name printed on it.

• As these labels can come off during wash make sure that you use them for such purpose where you don’t need to wash off the label. Ideal use will be for your wallet or handbag which you don’t need to wash.

There are many label manufacturing companies that produce adhesive labels. You can check out any one of them. Browse through the adhesive labels of several companies to find out which style you love and would like to invest in. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the service providers today. Opt for the one that best fits your requirement and budget.