All That You Need To Know About Care Labels

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The functions of a label are not restricted to mere informing of the size and material used for the dress. They also convey vital information regarding the care and maintenance tips of the particular dress. This information is conveyed through the use of signs and symbols. In other words, care labels are “solutions” to “big problems” that will arise if you do not follow the instructions mentioned. The labels share guidelines to consumers about apparel care and the best cleaning techniques. When the customers follow the instructions mentioned on the label, they are able to take better care of the garment.

The growing importance of care labels lies on the fact that when customers don’t know how to take care of the garment bought, they end up damaging it. As such they are not satisfied with the company from where they bought the garment and end up filing complaints and give negative feedback on the company. To avoid all this mess and to secure your company’s image and reputation, using the care label is the best option. Clear and well-written care label results in satisfied and happy customers. Even if the customer files a complaint against your company, you can show the care label to prove your point and get scot-free from the charge.

Lesser Known Facts about Care Labels

  • The country where the apparel is sewn is the country that is mentioned in the care label.
  • These labels need to be permanently attached to the garment so that the instruction is always there.
  • It is the manufacturer of the garment who is held liable for all the instructions mentioned in the care labels.
  • Apparel can be imported without a care label but by the time it is put up for sale, the garment must have the care label sewn on it.

Labeling System: What Is It?

Each country has its own care labeling system. The signs and symbols used are not universal and vary from country to country. Some of these are set up by the particular government while others are international standards. But, keep in mind this is not mandatory. However, following them is a good practice as it helps to promote your company in a good light.

The American Care Labeling System

The Federal Trade Commission’s Care Label rule is the guideline that needs to be followed by the garment manufacturing companies in the United States of America. These labels can include both words and signs or symbols. Irrespective of what is used, the instructions appear in the following order:

  • Machine wash or dry-clean or hand wash as the washing procedure.
  • Hot or warm or cold as the washing temperature.
  • Delicate or permanent press or normal cycle as the washing machine program.
  • Do not bleach or non-chlorine or chlorine bleach as the bleaching instruction.
  • Tumble dry or line dry or flat or drip dry as the drying instruction.
  • Do not iron or cool iron or warm or hot iron as the ironing instruction.

Now that you know what is the function of care labels go ahead and use them and follow the instructions highlighted.