All You Need To Know About Garment Labels

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Washing instruction on label clothing are known as five elements. They are:

Washing by hand or with the help of machine: This is one of the first things that needs to be mentioned on garment labels to distinguish in between regular and delicate garments. The latter if thrown into a machine full of clothes might get permanently ruined. In order to avoid such unfortunate situations, mentioning this is of big significance.

Bleaching: If an apparel took to all kinds of bleaches without harming the product under consideration in any way then it would not have been important to mention bleaching in the garment label. However some clothes might get irreparably damaged if introduced to harsh chlorine, therefore the mention.Bleaches also can be of two types, one comes with chlorine and the other with oxygen. So it is mentioned properly which type of bleach the cloth item is friendly with and which item would react harshly to the same.

Drying: Now some pieces of garment get damaged when coming in direct contact of high ranges of temperature. For such situations it is of primary importance to be dried delicately with the help of the machine itself.

Ironing: Different clothing material require different ranges of temperature to get properly ironed. Also regular usage of irons harm certain cloth items so understanding the what’s and why’s is important before ironing it.

Warnings: Over the above mentioned points, label clothing also comes with warnings like,”Do not iron”, “Do not wash in machine”, etc. Following these rules stringently to maintain good quality apparels are the basic expectations that one may have from the consumer. Though they are not utilized over alternative procedures like, if for example a certain instruction says, “Dry flat!”, it is absolutely not needed to mention “Do not tumble dry” too. If one is written on the garment label, the other is to be understood without any say.

Utilization of a care method without properly specifying on the garment labels can be extremely risky. Pieces of clothing particularly labeled as ‘washable’ might not dry clean properly.

Here let us look at some items which may not require completely permanent care labels but may find utility for temporary labels at a certain point of time.

  • Reversible clothing which comes without pockets.
  • Products that can withstand any magnitude of washing, drying, bleaching, ironing and dry cleaning with every kind of harsh chemicals and yet appear fine.
  • Product that has been granted exemptions on the grounds that appearance of labels might hurt its external appearance or its utility shall be hampered in any way.

The items that do not at all require care instruction labels:

  • Products may have been sold over to institutional buyers for use commercially.
  • Garment which has been custom-made to suit the customer.
  • Products that fall under exemptions because they were totally washable and got sold at barely $3 or even less. If the product ceases to meet the aforesaid standards, it gets revoked automatically.