Athletics Labels For Your Club Wear: Do’s And Don’ts

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The clothing you choose for any type of sport can influence your performance. The clothing must be designed with your specific sport in mind and that includes the correct design with the most suitable labels.

If you have your own athletics club you may be looking to unite your team using athletics clothing. If you are, it’s so simple to do by adding a fully customized label to athletics garments helping your team feel as one. With the right athletics labels you have the added bonus of advertising  your club at the same time, so make sure they look great.

If you’re thinking of your team as a walking advertisement for your club, then do take time to create a simple, but effective design. Everywhere club members go wearing their clubwear people will see it, and often be intrigued as to what sport they do, which brings the focus to the label with the logo. Add your logo, website, and make sure you are 100% happy with your athletics label before you go ahead with production.

  • Do choose something that is durable for your athletics labels, such as a woven label. The threads are pre-dyed and are woven tightly on a loom, so are very durable. Woven labels are made from polyester making them tough and ready to withstand wash after wash.
  • When preparing the label consider the size of the garment it will be attached to. Any clothing needs to be comfortable, especially athletics wear, so ensure the label isn’t too big for the garment whilst also ensuring it isn’t so small that it has no purpose.
  • If you are unsure whether to offer athletics wear for your team, do remember that it’s important to wear clothing that is suitable for the sport you are in. If you don’t, then you may not perform your best, or may be uncomfortable. With this in mind it’s easy to make the decision that clubwear is beneficial to any athletics team members.
  • Don’t try to cut corners and opt for cheaper athletics labels. The label must be high-quality and be able to withstand the regular washing that athletics clothing requires. A faded label that looks worn won’t add a good image to the reputation of your club.
  • Don’t overthink your design. You will be surprised how effective a simple logo can be. Reflect your clubs brand and color scheme in the design of the logo and keep it simple. On the label, if there is plenty of space, you can also add your website to market your club whenever your team wears their clubwear. Give your team an exclusive style that represents your club.

Once you have designed your label and chosen the relevant type that is fit for its purpose, you can choose to receive a simple quote in just a few clicks. You provide the artwork and receive a free sample of your finished label before you are ready to order. See the finished label before your order to make sure you are 100% happy.