Before Starting Your Clothing Business, You Need to Know This!

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Posted on: Dec 26, 2015

You are very fond of sewing and you often stitch clothes for your friends and family. With time, your relatives might have asked you to stitch something for their friends. Your work might have been highly appreciated by people around you and this is why, you have now started thinking about coming up with your own clothing range. Starting a garment business is quite interesting, however, there are certain aspects to look into. When you are new to this business, there are few points which you must memorize to make your journey a smooth one. So, what are they?

• Each and every clothing manufacturer has to attach the “use and care” labels to the finished garment pieces before selling them.
• The labels, be it the woven ones, the hang tags or the sewed ones, have to be permanently attached to the clothing seamlessly.
• The labels should have clear instructions about washing and using the same. You may go for the printed instructions, some approved symbols or it may be a combination of both.
• The labels should be of good quality and they should last for the entire life of the garment. This is the reason why you should always seek for a labeling company which will provide you with top-class woven damask labels.
• The “use and care” instructions should be verified. If you think that your clothing range has to be dry cleaned only, you should support the same with evidence.
• Always attach the labels in a place where they are easy to see.

Marketing Your Products with Labels

When a product goes out to the market for sale, it needs good packaging in order to grab the attention of the customers. This includes boxes which carry them to the shops from the warehouses. Each of the packaging layers has its own labeling and it helps in selling the product. Labels let the customers know about the necessary details related to the products. If the labeling is done well, it catches the attention of the potential customers more easily. So, in a way, labeling helps in marketing the products as well as building the brand.

Woven Labels – Give a Personalized Touch to Your Clothing Line

When you create your own piece of clothing, it becomes very special for you, isn’t it? It requires a lot of time and dedication to make one single garment and when you finally think about selling it, you would want it to have your own touch somewhere. At Xpresa Labels, we provide custom woven labels which come in different colors and designs. Just choose the one you like and give a professional look to your garments. Customization of labels will create your own brand identity and you will be able to reach out to more customers in a lesser time frame.

So, don’t you think that it’s now time for you to opt for garment labeling for your clothing line? Just give it a try and you will be overwhelmed with the customer responses. Good luck!