Checklist to Follow When Buying Adhesive Labels

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Posted on: Sep 08, 2015

Labels give clothes its basic identity and that is the reason designers tend to label their clothes so that potential buyers and existing customers can identify the brand. Labels have a brand of its own and this branding gives labels its basic identity. Labels are designed as per the personal style and aesthetics of designers. But care needs to be given that labels designed blend well with the clothes and become an extension of those clothes.

There is a diverse collection of clothes labels that designers use to give it a unique identity. There have also been instances when designers customize clothes labels. Remember a few important factors whether you are buying labels for your designs or buying materials to customize a unique label design.

Check the Quality of Raw Materials – Raw materials used in making labels play a huge role in determining whether the labels are of good quality or not. Raw materials are considered important because they determine the durability of the labels. Using good quality raw materials give the finished labels a refined and polished look which is long lasting. So if you prefer customizing your labels, then make sure you inspect the raw materials well.

Keep the Budget in Mind – Budget is the most important factor when planning to launch your own fashion line. When choosing labels, remember to pre decide the cost of labels and make sure you stick to it. Label prices are fixed after calculating the costs involved in launching your fashion line that boasts of latest clothes collection. When choosing a label design for your clothes collection, don’t go overboard on your budget.

Decide the Finished Look of Labels – The finished look of the label is of prime importance because that is what will hold onto people’s attention. At the same time it will also increase their retention power towards your brand of clothes. The two most common finished look of labels are matte and gloss. However, the finished look also depends on the basic theme and look of your collection. If your fashion brand has all glossy and glamorous clothes, then the finished look of labels should be glossy. But if you prefer earthy clothes those are subtle in creating an impression, then go for the matte finish labels. So choose the finished look appropriately.

Pre Determine the Shape of Labels – Labels come in variety of shapes and sizes and it is entirely upon the designer who is running the business to decide the size and shape of the labels that will be attached with their clothes. Make sure labels stand out and choose a size and shape that matches the design and the look of the clothes.

Check the Durability of Adhesive LabelsAdhesive labels are considered to be the most commonly used clothing labels. The prime reason for its frequent use is its easy ability to get attached with clothes. However, it is important to check and test the durability of the adhesive labels for a long time span. So check the manufacturing and the quality of labels before you buy them to attach them with your clothes.

If you can keep this checklist when planning to purchase or customize labels for your clothes collection, then you can enjoy a hassle free experience. You will eventually be successful in giving your clothes the right identity with the help of labels.