Choose Woven Labels for a Personalized Finishing Touch

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It’s time to put the finish touch on your clothing. You want a way to show the customer all of the incredible work that went into each piece and showcase your brand that you have worked so hard to develop. It sounds like a tall order, but it is definitely possible to show all of this by using clothing labels personalized to your company.

The truth about woven

Here’s the thing: there are cheaper options for clothing labels than woven. Though that may be the case and often a company must consider cost first and foremost, think of the long run. Using a high quality label showcases that you mean business in the fashion world.

Consumers want good quality at a reasonable price in almost everything they purchase. If you have already spent a lot of time, effort and money into your clothing, why stop right as the finishing touch is being sewn in? Woven labels are simply the cream of the crop. By using extra colors and not just mass producing a printed on label that anyone could do, you are going that extra mile for the customer, and they will notice.

Does anyone really look at the tag?

When choosing a piece of clothing people will try it on, or decide if it will look good on them, fit in all the right places, and if it is in their budget. Would a person really put down a piece of clothing that they loved just because the clothing labels personalized to a specific company were subpar? This is unlikely. But, the overall look of a garment—however nice—can be overcast by a poorly made clothing tag.

Though a person might not consciously check out a label, it will be noticed. Especially if your brand or clothing line is new to the scene, you will want to create positive buzz by having an authentic, unique personalized tag in all of your clothing that screams “high quality.”

The highest of quality

Woven clothing tags come in a multitude of colors, looks, finishes and the like. There are so many choices to make when designing the perfect personalization for your company, but don’t look at that as a bad thing. Being able to get exactly what you want is ideal.

You first need to decide if the background of the label is going to be black/dark or white/light. This is an important step before choosing how your logo or brand name will be seen on the tag. Choosing a specific cut is as important. Depending on what type of garment you are sewing a label into will help you narrow down your options in many cases.

Woven damask is an excellent option for most garments. It is high quality at a reasonable price, giving you the perfect canvas to work with. The hardest part about using personalized woven labels is choosing exactly how to use your brand name and logo on the tag itself. Once you’ve made the design choice, the tag will do the rest.