Clothing Custom Labels for New Brands

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What Makes for a Loyal Customer?

When a piece of clothing fits just right, and it expresses yourself in the exact way you’ve been looking for, a personal relationship with the brand is created. When this piece of clothing is tried on, the wearer feels that there are shared values with those who created the piece. When this feeling is reinforced in other ways, like other pieces that do the same, a loyal customer–and even a potential brand advocate–is made.

People come in all shapes and sizes, with all different attitudes and outlooks, so it can be hard to find clothing that both suits you physically and matches the outward message you want your clothing to give. When all of these different variables match up in a piece of clothing, it can be quite a big deal. For those interested in fashion, they will seek out more clothing by this brand, and as it is such a rare occasion to find this perfect fit, this brand can become a favorite. However, there are many ways for a brand to have their message confused, and in turn have their loyal customer base lost.

What Can Lose a Loyal Customer?

Every element of a brand must fit together; it must be a completely cohesive thing for those loyal customers to continue to feel that this brand understands them. It may seem inauthentic to be so concerned with cultivating a cohesive brand image, but authenticity isn’t always the problem. A much bigger issue, especially with smaller brands, is simply carelessness. Without complete attention to detail, some things can go unnoticed that ultimately lead to a customer feeling that the brand isn’t what they thought they were. This can be anything from distasteful public statements from larger labels to issues stemming from a small operation size in new clothing brands. Don’t let these issues hurt your authenticity.

It is important to stay consistent, especially in the early stages of a clothing brand while you are building your customer base. One misstep can have you losing your entire base. Everything from the trends you follow to the look of your clothing label is important. If your clothing pieces carry a certain rebellious edge, your clothing label should do the same. If there is a disconnect here, your potential customer can be left questioning the authenticity of the pieces they are trying on. Furthermore, a poorly made or designed label can have customers questioning the quality of the clothing as a whole. A cheaply made label can make even the most expensive fabrics and manufacturing look cheap. The label should reflect the message you want to convey to your customer as clearly as possible.

Every single stitch should be of the utmost importance, and your pieces should reflect an authentic feeling. Every single element should be unique to you, because that is what people notice the most. Don’t let your label be the one thing that lets your customers down.