Clothing Hang Tags For Your Fashion Brand Or Crafts

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Hang tags give you the perfect opportunity to add your unique branding to your fashion garments or crafts. Now that you have created and perfected your clothing, how do you add a unique stamp to stand out from others? Hang tags add an iconic finishing touch that makes your garments stand out on the clothing rack and look professional. Without a hang tag, someone looking at the garment cannot easily identify the brand, cost, or size, so why not make things that little bit easier for people admiring your work?

Hang tags are clothing labels that are attached to the garment using a piece of string or small pin. They are printed labels available on a variety of card. You have three finishes to choose from – matte, semi-gloss, or glossy. You can design your hang tag using color schemes to match your brand, and incorporate your logo. Keep the tag neat and not too cluttered, but if you have space it’s very important to add information such as your website, social media or email.

They are attached to the outside of the garment making them visible when the garments are hung on a clothing rack. Clothing hang tags give you the chance to introduce your brand and stay in touch. The tag will go home with the customer, giving you the opportunity to invite them to view other items in your range. Think of it as a business card. You have already added your logo and contact details, so customers know where to find more of your fantastic clothing line. This tag is removed before they wear the clothing, but when they put the garment on and love it; they will know where to find more.

You now have the reverse side to create…

When deciding on the basic information you want to add, ask yourself: what do you look for when you look at a tag? The most common answer would be, how much is it? And, what size is this? Who made it? This is information customers need to know before we make a purchase, it must be clear as a customer may get bored if they have to hunt around to find it, and will move on to the next garment on the shelf. Add the cost, size, barcode, and any other information that you feel is important for the customer here, such as specialist care instructions.

Think about how you want a tag to represent your clothing. Create something quirky that will stand out. Your range may specialize in dancewear or children’s clothing; style the shape of your clothing hang tags around something that focuses on your range, such as a ballet shoe, a teddy bear, or anything that is suitable for the target audience. Use your hang tag as a marketing tool and increase the likelihood of customers purchasing other items from your range in the future. A hang tag that attracts attention will increase brand awareness and increase the likelihood of future purchases. Make them bold and unique.