Clothing Label Types and Designs for Women Apparel

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To get an edge in the world of niche marketing, you need to leverage enterprise-level techniques smartly. Apparel brands specializing in women wear is a type of niche business which involves long hauls of market research and good branding capabilities. Choosing a distinctive clothing label is one of them. Here we shall discuss how to get the right type and design for clothing label for women’s apparel brands.

Tips to create an attractive logo design

  • Color plays a very important role to create an impression. Get started by selecting a color scheme and stick to it. Take a cue from popular women’s wear brands and make a list of color that inspires you. Black and white combo, shades of pink, and shades of purple have the ability to attract the fairer sex.

  • Don’t just randomly select a font for your brand name. Do some market research and find out what type of font is in sync with the latest trends and style. Ensure it complements the color and design to the T.

  • Make sure the label is not cluttered with too much content. For instance, you can avoid cramming the label with care instruction content and make use of hangtags instead.

  • It is important to make your label future-ready so that you don’t need to rework on the logo. Seek professional help to design a sleek and ultra-chic design that will have a lasting impression with years to come.

Interesting Choice of Label types

Woven and printed labels are offered with a variety of material, cuts, folds, and finishing touch. Let’s find out the different type of labels that you can consider for your brand.

  • Damask High Definition Label

If you deal with luxury women’s wear then damask high definition label should top the list. These are sewn in imperial fabrics like silk, linen, and polyester to lend a classy look to the brand label.

  • Satin Label

Satin labels are also a personal favorite of many fashion designers specializing in women wear. These are created with high-quality polyester threads and are very comfortable for the skin. While satin woven labels are highly durable, printed satin labels are a more cost-effective alternative.   

  • Taffeta labels

If you are not able to spend much but don’t want to compromise with the quality as well, then taffeta labels can be a saving grace. These are polyester based labels which can be customized for outerwear requirements.  

After deciding the label type and design, choose from Center Fold, Straight Cut, End Fold, Mitre Fold, Manhattan Fold, Circle Cut, and Custom Die Cut.

Learn more about the variety of cloth label type and design. View samples and receive an instant quote here.