Clothing Labels and the Garment Industry

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Custom clothing tags, sewn, woven and printed have a care manual explaining how a particular clothes item needs to be taken care for greater longevity. A simple present might be nice, but a gift that has been wrapped impeccably gives out better vibes, any day. In the clothing and apparel industry, a creatively designed custom clothing tag serves the same purpose.Most companies also use what is commonly known as hang tags over the regular ones to give added information on the product. These information can be details of the designer or the manufacturer, the fabric that has been utilized from the material, instructions on how to take care of the garment, the model number for the item and finally the price of the article.These days different kinds of labels can be created, damask, satin, taffeta, semi-damask fabric, custom woven, brand tags, woven tags, sew on labels etc. Exceptional woven custom clothing labels are also available which are exceptionally used for kids wear. Custom clothing logos are essential instruments for branding as well. It helps customers understand the social standing for a brand and also recognize it instantly later in other situations.

There are many options that is available for the finishing and the cutting of the custom clothing labels even. It can be center fold, end fold, Manhattan fold, Mitre fold, custom cut, woven label rolls and finally straight cut.

Why do clothing tags even exist?

Well, we have to thank the Federal Trade Commission for it, one of the most important tags on the side of the clothing it is essential to understand how to take care of the different types of fabric that started getting flooded in the market. Different types of blended fabrics demanded different magnitude of care for its safe-keeping and that was when labels complete with care manuals came into being. The first wool products labeling act was enforced in the year 1939 and then in 1951 it focused on fur. The biggest of the care label innovation came around in the year 1997 when all the care instructions were decided to be substituted by icons instead.

Personalized custom clothing labels have the highest chances of being woven labels. Reasons to choose Xpresalabels:

  1. High Quality and Durable
  2. Creative Amazing Design Templates
  3. Retains Color and Print after Repetitive Washes
  4. End product looks good.

The products that are produced by Xpresa labels include: Adhesive or the Heat-Seal labels, Apparel labels, Furniture Woven Labels, Children Woven Labels, Labels for Hand bags, shoes, hats and also Home Accessories Labels.