Clothing Materials Ideal for Sensitive Skin

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How often do you feel itchy or get rashes after you wear a particular type of apparel? Comfort and style should go hand in hand and it is the responsibility of the apparel makers to create clothes keeping the consumers with sensitive skin in mind. These are the right types of clothing materials you should consider when creating clothes for your target customers.     

  1. Unbleached cotton

Most of the clothes undergo a lot of bleaching and dying process, and that may not be ideal for some of your apparel users. The bleached fabric has traces of chemicals which many may be allergic to. Consider an option of keeping some of the products free from this process and try to retain the natural quality of the material.

  1. Knitted silk

Like unbleached cotton, knitted silk has the properties to allow easy flow of moisture to prevent skin rashes or irritation. The edges of a knitted silk are cast for creating buttonholes, pockets, or any other types of embellishments which means you can experiment with the design of the product with this fabric. 

  1. Organic cotton

Mostly produced in Turkey, China, and parts of USA, this soft fabric is made with organic products and no synthetic components are used. This fabric is not only comfortable for sensitive skin but also a great way to promote eco-friendly products.

  1. Linen

Often known as the “health fabric” for its anti-bacterial properties, linen gets softer with every wash. This fabric is not only comfortable to wear but also comes with the assurance of durability. Linen also contains antiregulatory elements which can be ideally worn in summers and winters alike.    

  1. Hemp

Just like organic cotton, hemp fabric is recognized for its natural elements. Produced with natural color and components, hemp fabric provides a matchless style quotient to the finished product.   

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo fabric can also be a good option that can be tried by people with sensitive skin. With the aid of modern techniques, this fabric can be blended with other textile fibers as well.

Comfortable clothing labels

Besides the quality of the apparel, the material and type of clothing label must also be taken into consideration. The clothing labels can be printed or woven depending on your business requirements. Woven labels are knitted with a thread in a loom whereas printed labels are created with ink imprints. Also, the placement of the hangtags is very important to assure comfort to people with sensitive skin. Make sure the hangtags or tags don’t cause any friction in the body.

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