Clothing Tags Guide For Woven Labels and Printed Labels

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Clothing Tags guide below will make ordering woven labels or clothes tags simple with the following instructions.

Xpresa Labels is a premier supplier of quality custom clothing tag labels. We offer both woven labels and printed labels. We’ve been producing quality labels since 2002.

We’re located in the USA and our products cater to large Fortune 500 companies and small upstarts.  Our online ordering process makes ordering clothing labels simple.

Xpresa Clothing Tags Labels are used in Fashion, Clothing, Apparel, Bags, Shoes, Pet Wear, Accessories, Upholstery, Furniture and Industrial Labelling for warning or regulations.  Every product needs a clothing tag label to promote your brand. Label usage is limitless and is important to use a quality label for the longevity of your product.  A Label is one of the most important part of brand recognition.

Why consider ordering clothing tags from Xpresa?  The answer is simple. We have well experienced staff that are clothing label tag and design experts.

We utilize high end weaving, loom, and cutting equipment offering automation and software design.  They are sophisticated machinery that take a good amount of labor and experience to prepare, not to be confused with small embroidery machines that produce small quantities.

We have one of the quickest turnaround time in the fashion textile industry and ship to all 7 continents worldwide.

We only provide high quality products along with high quality service and process all clothing  label orders equally and guarantee quality products. Our labels do not ship from other countries which are common with companies that offer low prices but leave you in dark in terms of delivery and quality. We take pride that most of our customers are repeat customers which says a lot about service and quality.

Ordering Clothing Tags Labels is Simple!

Just use our Quote/Sample form on our website at  to receive a prompt label quote and samples of our clothing labels within 24hours. You can upload your design or use our Design Tool to create your own clothing label.

We ship worldwide and offer free shipping for your custom label orders. Our process for order delivery is typically 7-8 days.

Some important facts to consider when ordering clothing tags labels.

Custom labels are used in the apparel, fashion, accessories, home furnishings, shoes and industrial applications. A label helps bring recognition to your product and provides brand loyalty. Or can offer useful instructional information as to the proper use of your products to avoid returns or misuses.

Clothing tag labels can be woven, which are threads stitched with looms or printed.  First step is to know how your tag label will be sewn in.  There are several options for cut and folds on labels.

Straight Cut labels, have fused ends and are commonly sewn all around

Cut/End Folded labels are sewn in from the inside of folded ends on the sides.

Centerfolded or Looped clothing tag labels are sewn in from the top, common for t-shirts and other clothing types.  With this option you can include care, content, website and size indicators on the back of the fold.  With this option you would eliminate the need to sew in additional care labels and size labels, which will save you time and money.

For Woven Labels, there are 3 processes that are common.

Woven Taffeta tag labels are a coarse weave, which is a thicker thread.  This type is common for outer wear or labels that do not come in contact with skin.   This is a cheaper process.

Woven Satin label tag has a bit of sheen if you are looking for bit of shine.  This is a medium grade label.

Woven Damask label is a premium thread which offers the thinnest thread diameter. It brings out details for your clothing labels and is soft on the skin. This process is the recommended process for clothing and detail oriented labels.

Small font sizes can be achieved if there is ample stitch count on your tag label.  Typically 8pt. is the min size. Producing very small text on a small label is limited with the amount of stitch counts.

Most clothing labels are 2-3 colors but you can have up to 8 thread colors.  More colors would increase the cost and the thickness of labels.  With a woven process, colors are matched using Pantone colors, referred to as PMS or TPC/TPX codes.   Our website has a link to Pantone colors if you are unsure of the color codes.

Woven Label Tags can have a heat seal or iron on backing applied to the back of labels.   They are sealed to products with high heat settings on a press or iron.  The heat seal option is a good alternative if you will not be sewing your labels. Important to consider that they can have sharp corners when sealed so they would not be the best alternative if you are using labels in the collar area of clothing.

Woven Clothing Tags can also have adhesive backing.  This type is an excellent choice for furniture, carpets, shoes or items that are not washed.  Some manufactures also use this option if there sewing process requires the clothing label to be fixed to make it easier to sew on all sides.  Note adhesive is not suitable for items that are washed.

Our woven clothing tag labels are custom to your product and are not produced with basic templates.  They are very sturdy and will not fade under environmental conditions or through many years of washing.  It is the best process to showcase your product for many years.

Printed satin labels typically have a higher minimum because the stock rolls they are printed on are not re-usable.  The background is white, but custom bleed colors are available at a higher minimum.

Printed Hang Tags are available in various thickness from 12pt. to 36pt.  The finish can be matte, semi glossy or glossy finish.  Sizes are all custom and they are produced with a hole punch.  You can order hang tags with eyelets, string attachments and safety pins in various colors.

We have a thorough Glossary of Terms for Clothing Tags Labels  that explains different types of tag labels used in fashion or in industry applications.  We also have a Questions 101 page that provides insight into ordering clothing tags.

Here’s a video of how clothing tag labels are produced using various equipment in our industry to produce clothing labels.   This will help in showing how clothing labels are made.