Color Theory to Design Satin Woven Labels

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Posted on: Sep 30, 2015

Satin labels are hugely popular in the fashion industry today. The rising popularity is mainly because of its smooth texture and the richness it adds to your clothes. Labels are very important because it gives your collection of apparels its distinct identity. This identity is important because if you have talent, you would want people to take notice of it. The best way to do that is by giving your clothes your identity. This identity takes place in the form of labels.

Labels represent you and it also showcases your designs. Thus clients will automatically associate you when they see your labels stuck neatly on clothes and apparels. As per the recent consumer trends, satin woven labels are a big hit. So naturally you will incorporate them in your clothes.

When designing satin woven labels for your clothes, the color combination you use needs to be given attention because they have the power to grab attention. A quick look at the color theory will allow designers to choose a good color scheme.

Use Color Psychology – Color psychology is extremely important because it allows designers to play with colors and come out with a combination that attracts attention. Different shades play different roles in affecting people, while some trigger positive emotions, there are several that give negative vibes. So read about the color psychology well so that you can choose your shade accordingly for satin woven labels.

Pair Background Color with Text Color – Post having clarity on color psychology you need to mix and match two or more colors to give your satin label an attractive look. The color used on text needs to be different from the color used in the background. So make sure you have a combination of different colors placed together so that you can select the best combination from the options.

Use the Free Online Tools – Innovation in technology has spoilt us completely with so many options and choices. So make the most of this opportunity and use the free online tools to customize the look of the label that suits your brand of designs the most. Having to choose the right combination of colors from such a diverse range of colors is indeed difficult. Hence, this online tool will make your tedious process easy and you can select the right combination for your satin woven labels.

Colors play a huge role in making your satin labels look attractive. Hence, make the most of this opportunity and choose from a wide range of colors.