Common and Popular Types of Clothes Labels

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Posted on: September 09, 2016

The main reason for a clothes business to feel the need to market their store is primarily because the right branding goes a long way in generating awareness. In order to get the right marketing plan in place, it is important to invest time, money and of course your hard work. The contribution of all these elements put together helps in achieving the right branding.

Unfortunately, there can be instances where in spite of putting all your energy, effort and creativity you are still unsuccessful in achieving the kind of response you anticipated. Well, there is no need to feel disheartened and instead, think of alternatives that will give you the kind of market reaction you planned for.

In such situations, giving your clothes line a new look or even changing the design of your clothes labels or the hang tags for clothes helps miraculously . In order to give a new look to your hang tags or labels you need to know about the different types of clothes labels that you can use. So, let us take a close look at the different types of clothes labels those are popular consumer’s choice.

Woven Labels – A woven label is basically a piece of fabric that has the company logo well engraved and the details of the logo design finely woven with precision and high-quality threads. The woven details can either be confined to just the logo design or can be all over the label. This call is entirely taken by the designers and the kind of symbol they want to give the clothes business. The best thing about woven labels is the fact that they can take care of the most intricate designs. These intricacies look classy and make a bold statement.

Printed Labels – Printed labels are the best for marketing and branding purposes. Printed labels have the best fabric type where it is easy to add all the company details. In fact, companies that choose printed labels mainly prefer to add their company details without giving the labels a cramped look. Printed labels are commonly used in satin and cotton materials. Make sure to remember that the printed labels are not as permanent in nature as woven labels and they are also very cost-effective. When it comes to printed labels, there are several material options to choose from.

Heat Press Labels– Heat transfer labels are mainly processed by embossing the brand image on the fabric. The source of heat is important to print the image on the clothes labels. The heat press labels are extremely cost-effective and are easy to make when compared to the woven ones where mostly sewing designs are chosen. There are several forms of heat transfer labels available and it is time to choose appropriately.

As an entrepreneur, you understand your clothes business better than anyone else so you would know the label type that will complement your clothes the most. It is important for the clothes labels to be an extension of what your business reflects and should add significance. It is time to put your best foot forward and make the right selection.