Common Mistakes to Avoid While Ordering Custom Clothing Label

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Whenever an entrepreneur creates a product and starts thinking about a strategy to market the same, the first thing that comes to mind is the logo and the branding. At this stage, most entrepreneurs try to run the show single handedly but often land up making grave mistakes due to lack of experience and knowledge of this domain.

Since its inception in 2002, Xpresa Labels has partnered with many such organizations and given valuable inputs regarding branding, logo designing and label making. With the help of the experts at Xpresa Labels, many upcoming fashion brands have been able to make garment labels that stand out and give their brand a competitive edge. However, since not all entrepreneurs are proactive about seeking professional help, mistakes continue to happen. And here’s more on the common mistakes that entrepreneurs must avoid while ordering custom clothing labels.

Issues with the artwork and design:

Many entrepreneurs do not get the logo designed by a professional which often leads to issues with the branding. Hiring a professional designer to make the artwork is perhaps the first step in the whole designing and branding process. The artwork should be clear and use the right color combination. The lettering should be clear and evenly spaced out so it is clearly visible. And above all is sending a good quality and high resolution image of the logo to the label maker. Many entrepreneurs tend to make a mistake at this stage as they send screenshots or low quality pictures of the logo to the label maker which eventually leads to a lot of issues while making the label. Entrepreneurs should thus remember to send only high resolution images of the artwork to the label maker while ordering custom clothing labels. Entrepreneurs should also ensure that the artwork is copyright free so the same can be used in making garment labels without any legal hassles.

Issues with the kind of label ordered:

Before ordering a custom clothing label, every entrepreneur must keep the lifecycle and use of their product in mind. If these aspects are kept in mind, chances of going wrong with the material quality will automatically come down. The label maker must be made aware if the product that the label will be attached to will be subjected to extreme temperature conditions or rough handling. They should also be made aware if the label being made is for kid’s clothing. Label makers can give their suggestions regarding the material to be used based on these inputs. While ordering custom clothing labels, most manufacturers make the mistake of opting for the cheapest material but that is never the right approach as a material that is cheap may not be ideal for the product you are ordering for. Besides, you should also remember to take the environmental impact of the material you intend to use for the label into consideration.

Issues with selecting the right label maker:

Many a times, apparel designers and manufacturers make the mistake of ordering custom clothing labels from companies that do not have much experience in making labels. If the label maker does not have the required expertise and experience in making labels, they may not be able to execute the job with perfection. And shabby looking labels made on the wrong fabric can drastically impact the brand’s reputation and create a bad impression in the minds of the target customers.

Thus, every entrepreneur looking to make his/her brand big must pay close attention to the designing and manufacturing of the labels as they go a long way in creating a lasting impression on the minds of the customers.