Commons FAQ on clothing labels

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Here in this article we are going to answer some common queries related to custom clothing labels:

What type of garment labels are better, Satin or Woven?

It is a very personal choice to opt for woven or satin. Woven labels can actually feel very soft and is available in various colors depending on the brand under consideration. The price is extremely reasonable and nobody has to pay for any added benefit. Also woven labels are resistant to a lot of wear and tear. The logo would never change no matter what and one always shall know where it has been derived from.

Satin is very very soft and comes with a beautiful shine to it and finds application generally in high end apparels. It does not scratch against the customer’s skin and so has a better grasp on the clothes but the labels rapidly fades away.

Should heat transfer be considered and supported?

The answer for this shall be No. Heat transfer clothing labels are useless utility-wise but they feel amazing on the surface of the skin. So if somebody insists on having this specifically then one might do it. It would incur cost in two steps, pay for the heat transfer and then, find somebody who would adhere it over the fabric.

What are the things that needs to be mentioned on a care label?

The things that requires complete mention on the care label are fabric(self, combo, lining), washing symbols, RN#, washing instructions and also details over where it has been manufactured.

What is meant by #RN?

RN# is basically the registration number for a product. It is an important factor that is required to be placed on the garment labels.In unforeseen unfortunate situations like somebody having an allergic reaction to the fabric, this is the same code which is used to sue the manufacturing company of the product or get an insight into the company who had produced that particular good.

Do I need a hang-tag?

It is a personal decision which depends over who you are trying to sell your product to. It is generally advised to have a hangtag but it is also perfectly fine if there is none. Hangtags are not compulsory but they can be used in the situation where you might want to give out added information on a particular product. Companies have used hangtags in the past to explain how the company stating the inception story of the company.It can also be a simple one with the logo infront.