Complete guide to create T-shirt label for your brand

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A good T-shirt label is necessary not only for enhancing your brand identity but also to nurture customer loyalty. Make sure you’re not out of the loop and stay updated about cutting-edge designs that can be used for your t-shirt label. Here’s your guide to create the right T-shirt label for your brand.  

  • Material: First and foremost, what is the material of your T-shirt? While cotton t-shirts are always high in demand, Lycra, polyester, and Spandex and mostly used as an athletic wear. Rayon, linen and cotton blend are other types of materials that are popularly used. Cotton and linen are mostly used as a regular wear and it requires frequent washing. A woven label is the best choice for these types of t-shirts. Woven labels are carefully woven on a loom and are produced in various materials like Damask, Satin, and Taffeta labels. Hence, they guarantee durability even after frequent washing. Printed labels, on the other hand, are imprinted with ink and it fades depending on the quality of ink used. Now you decide which type of label will be most befitting for the T-shirts you make.
  • Potential clients: Now different types of T-shirts have different types of customers. For instance, clothing labels for children should be soft and smooth and woven damask labels are highly recommendable. You’ll get a variety of colors to choose from to highlight your brand in the best way possible. If you make quirky T-shirts then you can go for a printed label with a customized design that is in keeping with the theme of the T-shirts. Printed labels are thin and guarantee comfort and flexibility.          
  • Design: Now that you can customize your own T-shirt label online, you will never fall short of design ideas that would be most suitable for your brand. It is recommendable that you keep the design of your T-shirt label simple keeping the actual identity of your brand intact.
  • Color: Most of the big brands use minimal colors for their T-shirt label. Use the main color of your brand with a contrasting background for printed labels and contrasting colors for woven labels. Always remember, subtlety is the key.
  • Content: Besides the name of the brand, it is important for you to use text that is brief and has the main information. Don’t use too small font size for both woven and printed labels. Try to keep the font size between 8 pt to 10 pt. This sizing will give you enough space to accommodate the important content that is required for your brand potential.
  • Size labels: Size labels are probably the most important type label that differentiates the same T-shirts with different sizes. Your customers will identify their perfect T-shirt based on this label. We would suggest you attach woven-edged size labels that are not only long lasting but can be easily recognized by the customers.     

Care labels: Washing instructions, material type, bleaching and drying options are some of the care content most of the customers look up to. Check out some of the samples of Care content size labels here.