Custom Clothing Labels Aren’t Just For School Children

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When children start school or daycare, it is common for parents to be asked to label each item of the children’s clothing with their name for any time the child must be changed, such as for potty accidents or swim class or messy play. This is a great use for clothing custom labels as the school year begins. But what about other uses for these types of labels? There are plenty of professions and groups that could utilize customized labels for any type of clothing or cloth material product.

Fashion designers and boutique owners

Whether you are just starting out or have been designing and making your own clothes for years, clothing custom labels can really bring you to the next level of fashion design. Even if you aren’t currently making clothing for anyone other than yourself and your family, having your own tags that differentiate pieces you’ve made can make your pieces look and feel more polished. If you are just starting out as a fashion designer, getting your own labels made with your name or logo on them will do wonders for your business and really cement your name in the fashion industry. Be sure to do some research to ensure you are really showcasing your name and products through your logo.

Similar to fashion designers selling their products, boutique owners may also find custom labels well worth making for any products they sell. Often, boutique owners have their own merchandise on top of other designers, and those will need specific labels that match with the boutique name. That is such a great way to get your name out there. Depending on your shop and the designers you work with, you might be able to add a custom label with your boutique name on it in addition to the designer’s own label. In this case, it might be just a narrow strip with your logo on it next to their wider woven label. Working with the designers will help you both get exactly what you need.

Sports teams

From little league sports uniforms to college level intramural sports, sports teams could benefit from labels for their clothes. This can help differentiate whose uniform is whose, and can also help teams find their gear quicker on game day. Custom labels for sports teams also help the unity of the group and really make the team stick out against other similar teams. The different types of labels available allow for various sizes, shapes and label needs for many professions and groups.

Each type of label gives a specific look dependent on what the needs of your company or group are. When it comes to sizes, thin or narrow loops can be helpful for sporting clothing or other types that need to be hung on a hook between uses. Larger labels at the neck or waist that showcase brand logos are great for fashion wear. Many people feel adding extra labels to garments for instructional purpose (such as cleaning instructions) is very beneficial for their company or team.